You Are a Woman

You are a woman

For this you are powerful! Nature created you to be powerful.
This is why you are so connected to mother earth.
For this you have a cycle of 28 days like the moon, which rises and falls like the tides.
You can create life, you can give birth.

A huge creative force resides within you, whether you know it or not. Whether you are aware of it or not.
In every human being, man and woman, all the strength of the universe resides, but you are a woman!
The power of women is something that psychology cannot explain, it is inherited from the ancestors and passed on to those who come after.
With a thin thread we are connected uterus to uterus, one to the other, at all latitudes, in every corner of the earth.
The center of your strength resides in the pelvis, that living, pulsating primordial energy that gives life to the rest of your being. Feed the infinite strength of the heart that expands in every direction and the mind’s compass. As it orients you in this reality.
The center of your power is right there, in the bottom of the belly, in the womb and ovaries and even further down, in your sacred Yoni, in your wonderful temple, altar of life.


How long do you want to live without deeply taking all your power as a woman ?!
How long do you want to be asleep and hidden as the world wants?

This world, mostly male-oriented, has always feared free women, in contact with their wild nature, powerful, indomitable…
Unleashing your sexuality, your maximum orgasmic potential is the most direct and sublime way to find that deep connection with your inner strength.
Finding the deep connection with your vagina as an inexhaustible source of vital energy, love for life, enjoyment of the senses and soul, deep contact with yourself and your heart.
This is what I mean when I say ‘your power’!
Certainly not to subjugate or manipulate, but to give, give, give, support, create, invent a better world, a world of love, tolerance and compassion.
Woman is pure nourishment, what would the world be without women!

Women sexuality

Orgasm and female pleasure can be learned, many women feel alone on this journey. Our culture doesn’t even allow us to talk about it freely.
I want to talk about it,  I want to share with you all what I have learned from the incredible knowledge of Tantra, to release female sexual energy and orgasmic power.
This is why I created Orgasmic Life, an entire video course dedicated to female pleasure and orgasm.
Believe me! For two decades, I have been navigating between Tantra groups and schools. I have seen hundreds of women transform themselves after releasing their sexual energy.

Much more light, much more softness and vitality.
Life takes on another color, energy flows freely in the body, heart and mind, much more strength, much more power to give the world.
I will take you hand in hand on this journey with your body and with your pleasure.
You can do it as a single or together with your partner.
It is something you do for yourself, an investment for yourself.
To shine your light to the fullest!

We have a 1-hour course for you called The Tantric Woman…join now here


Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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