Yoni Massage

The Best Way to Unleash Feminine Energy

Experiencing the internal orgasm is considered a very healthy experience for the woman. It eases the tension of the body and mind, allowing one to connect with one’s most profound essence. To live fully as a woman and sexually, therefore, a vital being.

If living consciously, orgasm can open up states of expansion of consciousness and activate the higher chakras.

One of the best tools at our disposal to unleash a woman’s maximum orgasmic potential is the vagina massage, also called the Yoni massage.

Many women who complain of a lack of sensitivity in the vaginal wall or the lack of reaching orgasm have completely unlocked their sexual energy through the massage. This process did not take so long. Indeed, this can also occur within a few days with the proper determination.

That’s right!

Many women spend all or most of their lives regretting not fully experiencing sexuality to the fullest. Not reaching internal orgasm for years and not being in touch with their true essences. They are unaware that the massage of the vagina can release that enormous power that resides within them. It is pure energy that, if well channeled, is used at all levels of existence.


Tantric massage is a practice, if approached with the right sacredness, can significantly help increase sexual pleasure, remove frigidity, and eliminate tension. It can also help remove trauma stowed in the tissues of the most vulnerable and receptive part, our vagina.

The yoni massage can be considered a holistic massage. By eliminating the muscular tensions in the pelvis, old psychic tensions related to the genitals, and helping your sexuality loosened. Consequently, a general state of relaxation will be obtained.

The inside of the vagina is innervated by over 800 nerve fibers that deeply interfere with more than 15,000 endings in the pelvis area. This marked nerve connection means that any tension in the vaginal wall can be reflected on the entire pelvis area. In the long run, this can create inflammation of the hips, lower abdomen, and lumbar region contractures.

The Yoni massage will dissolve these tensions by releasing enormous energy to make the vagina vital.


Before approaching an area as intimate as the vaginal muscles, it is advisable to relax the general state of the lucky woman who is about to receive a yoni massage. Prepare a space that makes her feel comfortable and safe. You can accompany the area with candles, incense, music, and anything else to prepare the woman for relaxation and interiorization. You are creating an actual temple where she can feel like a queen for a while.

It is important for a masseur (or masseuse) to take time to be present, calm, and relaxed beforehand. It is finding a state of centeredness and becoming fully in the now to support the woman in her process. Vaginal massage can, especially the first few times, release unpleasant emotions and help her trust that you are holding this space for her. To be a strong, firm, loving, and sensitive presence beside her. This should be the ideal state of someone who is about to give a yoni massage.


Before approaching the genital area, the masseur can give the woman a relaxing full-body massage using her preferred technique. Do not worry if you are not an expert massage therapist. Allowing yourself to be guided by the heart when you touch the body lovingly will be enough.

You can start from her shoulders and back, helping her relax. Go down the legs, dwelling well on the buttocks. When you ask her to turn on her back, take the time to massage the breasts well (this provides a sizeable energetic opening of the heart chakra, it also activates the hormonal reaction that produces the natural lubrication of the vagina), and the belly (to indirectly dissolve tensions in the lower abdomen and uterus).

When you feel that the woman is relaxed correctly, you can make contact with the yoni.

Place a cupped hand on the vagina and stay still, listening. The vagina is exceptionally receptive and, in a sense, has a life of its own. 

(Let me hear you, let me know you before proceeding!)


When contact begins, you can apply natural oils (like coconut or almond) internally and externally, generously.

You can start massaging the tissues above Venus’s mound, then go down the groin and begin massaging the outer labia, the inner labia, and the clitoral area (very gently because it could be a vulnerable area for her).

It’s time to move inside the yoni, but you must always ask for permission to enter her Temple before entering. Put your finger on the entrance and ask the woman if you may enter. If she agrees, introduce your finger carefully and softly.

Stay still for a few moments while inside her and listen to her energy!

When you feel it is time, you can start massaging all the internal points of the vaginal canal. Imagine a clock around your finger and try to work all 12 points of the clock. First, use one finger to the depth of the first phalanx to do a complete mapping inside the yoni without leaving any points out. Use a circular motion of your fingertip, gentle but firm simultaneously.


When you feel that the vaginal wall is well softened, you can move on to the most intense part of the massage, the G-spot!

A few centimeters from the entrance of the yoni,  on the anterior wall of the vaginal canal, and under the pubic bone, you will find an area completely different from the touch of other tissues.

It requires gentle pressure at first because it is a vulnerable area. Here you will want to give the woman time to relax and let go.

When you feel her letting go of all resistance, you can increase the depth of touch and the speed. This invites the woman to take her breath down into the vagina and let her voice out. She might even feel like screaming!

At this point, old traumatic memories related to sexuality can be accumulated, memories of those times when she was touched too abruptly or penetrated too soon when she felt inadequate sexually. Ancient taboos relating to the genitals may have caused energy blockages or repressed emotions.

Vaginal massage, especially in the G-spot area, can procure the release of such emotions, invite her to welcome them without fear, and lovingly remind her that the ocean of pleasure is just behind that block and enormous energy is ready to be released. When she comes into contact with the immense amount of energy that she can release, she will rediscover such a strength that will belong to her only to her, resides within her, and can access at any moment.

Through the massage of the G-spot, it is very common to bring the woman to a vaginal orgasm and to squirt, the emission of a large amount of liquid which turns out to be an incredibly liberating experience for disclosing something she had never experienced before her.


While this process doesn’t usually take long, sometimes a few massages are needed to release deep tension and unlock orgasm. Especially the first few times, the woman reaches a saturation limit and cannot go further. The masseur will be able to encourage her to push herself a little further each time while respecting the woman’s feelings.

Conclude the yoni massage by remaining a few minutes with one hand cupped on her vulva and the other on her heart. It is time for tranquility and silence to process the emotional experience.


Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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