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Each of us had already prioritized spiritual practice before we met, and it has continued to be the focus of our lives.

As a couple, we have walked down this fragrant garden path of Tantra together for almost twenty years. Along the way, this practice has served as the sunlight for the first spiritual realizations to bud, then blossom.

Now is the time for us and for you to taste the sweet fruits of our harvest. After we both had begun to instruct students on Tantra and Yoga, the desire arose from our hearts to become channels of transmission of this sublime knowledge and put it at the service of all human beings.

AumTantraYoga was born of our inspiration to share practices that have enriched our lives. At first, we established ourselves in a small school in the countryside; now, we are a thriving international community. Our mission is to prepare teachers who will enthusiastically spread this knowledge and wisdom.


We are a couple united in spiritual quest, sharing decades of combined practice in Yoga and Tantra teachings.

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My spiritual quest had led me to India, the practice of Yoga, and imbibing the teachings of various masters on my way. 

The next year brought me to Mexico, where I met Marco on the beach…waves lapping, sun setting, full moon rising – ah! 

Marco and I have been companions, lovers, and partners throughout the decades of practice. 

In addition to the traditional Tantric methods, stemming from my deep passion for all that is caring and healing, I have incorporated my practice of facilitating therapeutic Family Constellation sessions into the training. 

I have been on this path of growth and evolution for a long while and am mature enough to hold space for others so that they feel supported and protected.

Marco shares: “Amita is a powerful Lioness woman who brings light and fire to my every step. She is passionate and openhearted, a spiritual, mystical, and profound seeker but also in love with the world, life, and every living creature. 

We met when we were quite young, and I was attracted to her like a magnet as she has always been a natural Tantrica.”

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I have always been a mystical soul; my Aquarian nature has been apparent since childhood, and I have always been drawn to the subtle mysteries of existence. As a teenager, I discovered the pure love of Paramahansa Yogananda and undertook my first trips to India. 

There I encountered various schools of Yoga and, subsequently, Tantra, which I explored with Amita. 

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am devoted to practicing and studying the sacred texts intuitively so that the essence and application of those teachings are revealed to me. 

For the student to succeed, they have to strike a balance in their practices, learning yoga techniques and authentic Tantra, but understanding the philosophy of Tantra sheds light on the process of evolution to our higher potential as human beings connected in oneness; so, my passion has been for teaching Kashmiri Shaivism and all non-dual oriental philosophies. 

My innate ability is to perceive the Divine in the metaphysical perfection of existence and to transmit this sense of spiritual elevation, guiding the student into subtle dimensions of consciousness. My devotion to truth, receptivity, depth, and humility together has made me a much-loved teacher.

“Such a powerful transmission, I feel the transformation in every cell of my being. So much beauty!”


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Yoga Alliance Certified

Amita and Marco are registered Yoga Alliance E-RYT instructors with more than 5000 hours of teaching experience over the last fifteen years.

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Hridaya Yoga Teachers

Marco has acquired a 500 hrs Meditation and Yoga certificate from Hridaya Yoga to add to his previous 1000 hrs Tantric Yoga certifications with years of extensive knowledge and experience in the field since ever since.

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Anuttara Trika Kaula

Marco is closely attuned to the approach of Tantra teacher Dr. Mark Dyczkowski, and acquiring various specializations in Kashmir Shaiva Tantra tradition.
Samira Patrizia Schiavina

Samira Patrizia Schiavina Training

Amita has been an adept in the field of family constellations for more than twenty years, becoming a facilitator for the teachings of Patrizia Schavina, which emerged directly from the Bert Hellinger school.

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