What is Tantra Yoga

Who am I? Why am I here? Where I will go after death? What is the meaning of this life? How to find true happiness?

These are the questions that always arises in human beings and many people find their answer in religion.

Yoga is not a religion, although its origins are in India, yoga is not Christian nor Hindu nor Muslim. Yoga is an empirical science (as it is repeatable and verifiable) of spirituality and the goal of this teaching is personal development and spiritual growth of the individual.

Nowadays Yoga has become pure gymnastic that deals exclusively with the body. The age-old tradition tantric yoga tradition, however, teaches us that each posture is designed to activate the subtle centers of force energy called Chakras, determining physical effects, psychological effects and spiritual effects, ranging to influence our entire being.

With the deep knowledge of ourselves and the latent potential of each one of us, you’ll be able to understand the laws that govern the entire universe, to get the awareness of being part of it. This school offers an authentic approach, gradual and driven, responsive to the needs of each individual with the ability to customize practices deeper and deeper.

With constant practice, loving commitment and willpower, you’ll get effects on physical health by making the body flexible, energized, stress-free and tonic. The mind will be calm, clear and disciplined, the heart full of unconditional love, the will strengthened, essential conditions for spiritual evolution.

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