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Wednesday, December 15th 2021, 8 PM (Central European Time)

The art of lingam-massage: therapeutic and energetic effects of the male intimate massage

We always talk about the intimate female massage but also the male massage is a precious tool to dissolve tensions, open all the meridians and expand the energy to the whole body.

Too often, male pleasure is concentrated only in the genital area and therefore in the lower chakras. This quickly leads to exploding outwards, dispersing the vital energy.

Lingam massage can teach men how to expand pleasure to the whole body by activating the higher energy centers and subtle bodies. Truly a new paradigm of sexuality and pleasure that is thus transformed into an energetic practice that can open up to cosmic experiences and ecstasy.

Furthermore, the therapeutic effects of this practice are multiple, it helps to dissolve energy blocks and traumatic memories, fights performance anxiety, improves circulation by preventing and treating erectile difficulties. In this way, it helps the man to feel confident in his masculinity, therefore an excellent tool also on a psychological level.


This webinar is dedicated to the fundamental elements of lingam massage, effects and benefits on a physical and energetic level, basic elements to start practicing in a simple, suitable for everyone and safe way.

The webinar does not include nudity or explicit examples.

This webinar is for men and for women who want to support a man on this path.

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