The Tantric Relationship

Open to a new relationship paradigm

A workshop dedicated to the life of the couple. How to attract a truly healthy relationship into your life, a sacred space for growth and evolution.


Getting rid of old limiting patterns and opening up to a healthy way of being together.

The Tantric couple

Manifest in your life the deep and fulfilling relationship you deserve.

Grow together

Consecrate your life as a couple for the growth and evolution of both partners.


Deep Tantric Teachings
Balance the Polarities

The recipe for creating a functional and harmonious relationship is the understanding of the balance of these energies.

Tantra Yoga Teacher Training - Mexico Italy
Experienced Guides

You will receive a direct transmission from Marco and Amita, who have a lifetime of practice to back them up.

Tantra Yoga Teachers
Embody Tantric Principles

An elevated practice based on ancient esoteric teachings. The ancient wisdom is presented in a modern way for our modern minds.

What You’ll Learn in this workshop

Shiva and Shakti
  • The archetypes of Tantra, the profound vision of the Divine in the other.
  • Apply tantric philosophy in your daily life as a single or in the couple.
  • Connect with the cosmic masculine and feminine within yourself
Tantric rituals
  • The archetypes of Tantra, the profound vision of the Divine in the other.
  • Apply tantric philosophy in your daily life as a single or in the couple.
  • Connect with the cosmic masculine and feminine within yourself
  • How to keep the fire of passion burning in long-term relationships.
  • Find the perfect balance between yin and yang outside and within.
  • Manifest an elevated relationship in your life


We are a couple united in spiritual quest, sharing decades of combined practice in Yoga and Tantra teachings.

Portrait of Amita


My spiritual quest had led me to India, the practice of Yoga, and imbibing the teachings of various masters on my way. 

The next year brought me to Mexico, where I met Marco on the beach…waves lapping, sun setting, full moon rising – ah! 

Marco and I have been companions, lovers, and partners throughout the decades of practice. 

In addition to the traditional Tantric methods, stemming from my deep passion for all that is caring and healing, I have incorporated my practice of facilitating therapeutic Family Constellation sessions into the training. 

I have been on this path of growth and evolution for a long while and am mature enough to hold space for others so that they feel supported and protected.

Marco shares: “Amita is a powerful Lioness woman who brings light and fire to my every step. She is passionate and openhearted, a spiritual, mystical, and profound seeker but also in love with the world, life, and every living creature. 

We met when we were quite young, and I was attracted to her like a magnet as she has always been a natural Tantrica.”

portrait of Marco


I have always been a mystical soul; my Aquarian nature has been apparent since childhood, and I have always been drawn to the subtle mysteries of existence. As a teenager, I discovered the pure love of Paramahansa Yogananda and undertook my first trips to India. 

There I encountered various schools of Yoga and, subsequently, Tantra, which I explored with Amita. 

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am devoted to practicing and studying the sacred texts intuitively so that the essence and application of those teachings are revealed to me. 

For the student to succeed, they have to strike a balance in their practices, learning yoga techniques and authentic Tantra, but understanding the philosophy of Tantra sheds light on the process of evolution to our higher potential as human beings connected in oneness; so, my passion has been for teaching Kashmiri Shaivism and all non-dual oriental philosophies. 

My innate ability is to perceive the Divine in the metaphysical perfection of existence and to transmit this sense of spiritual elevation, guiding the student into subtle dimensions of consciousness. My devotion to truth, receptivity, depth, and humility together has made me a much-loved teacher.


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Prices & Registration

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The price include two full days of teaching and practice into Tantra and conscious relationship. Access to extra material like texts, music, yantras etc. to continue your practice. Accommodation and food are not included.

Still have questions?

In our seminar, you will come to recognize if there are any energy and psychological blocks preventing you from opening up to the right relationship for you.

Absolutely yes, the two programs integrate perfectly; you can start with either one.

Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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