The Tantric Relationship

The tantric relationship
February 26/27th 2022, Mazunte – Mexico


Getting rid of old limiting patterns and open up to a healthy way of being together?
How to integrate spirituality and life as a couple?

Build and maintain a deep love relationship, harmonious and vital at the same time is certainly one of the greatest challenges in the modern era. This seminar provides the tools to create a solid foundation for the couple and thus sustain the relationship.


A path which will include:
  • Man and woman: understanding in diversity
  • Animus-Anima: the feminine and the masculine inside us
  • Transfiguration: go beyond the physical aspect, the profound vision of the Divine in the other
  • Shiva and Shakti: the archetypes of Tantra
  • Introduction to tantric rituals
  • Polarity: keep the fire of passion turned on into long-term relationships
  • True love: unconditional love
  • Communication skills for deep understanding
  • Understand and overcome bad behavioral habits in the relationship
  • The recipe to make a relationship functional and harmonious: expectations, compromise, forgiveness, separation, abandonment, love
    …and much more.

This exclusive workshop “The Tantric Relationship”, proposes a path of understanding the intricate subject of a couple’s relationship, going to explore the relationship from a new perspective.
Open to everyone, couples or singles.

February 26/27th 2022, Mazunte – Mexico

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