The Tantric Couple: Evolving Together

16 years together as a tantric couple, it seems like an eternity!

In the times in which marriages often end in the third year of living together, our relationship seems like an ancient Egyptian pyramid that resists time and atmospheric phenomena, unwavering and stable. The storm passes, sometimes real cyclones, yet Marco and Amita still come out together. Then the hot, arid desert sun, but Marco and Amita find a way to nurture the foundations of their life together. It’s all true? Well, of course there were storms, when the hurricanes of the inner turmoil of both of us affected the couple. There have also been certain dry moments, certainly, of those that leave a dry throat.

And yet, even those times when everyone thought we would split, we found a way to rebuild ourselves, to be reborn from our renewed and grown ashes. This is the truth! It has been certainly not easy, there were times when it seemed impossible to agree on our requirements, so opposite, almost mirror-image.

We both saw our parents suffer as a couple and we had to, in some way, rebuild that inner trust that a man and a woman can be happy together. This has cost a great deal of inner work, individually before that of a couple. Only when both partners in a love relationship are able to look inward, only when you can bring awareness into the dark shadows that we all carry and turn them into light, then the couple becomes a wonderful tool for growth with two, without fall into mechanisms of projection and manipulation. It takes so much courage! But it is the only real way to create a solid foundation for the tantric couple that allows the union to survive even in difficult times. 

Consecrating the relationship as a tantric couple to personal and spiritual growth has always been our philosophy, at the cost of getting out of our comfort zone to face those parts of us that we like the least and that sometimes hurt. Don’t use the other to feel protected and safe by bury your head in the sand!

Our life together has always been a real “work in progress”, a flow between moments of rest and regeneration and others of great inner work. This is our recipe for a functioning tantric relationship and it is also what we want to convey and share through our work, as teachers, where the best version of us comes out!

Build and maintain a deep love relationship, harmonious and vital at the same time is certainly one of the greatest challenges in the modern era. Join our seminar “The Tantric Relationship” that provides the tools to create a solid foundation for the tantric couple and thus sustain the relationship.

Marco and Amita


Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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