The Art of Tantra

February 26/27th 2022, Mazunte – Mexico



Tantra offers a method of spiritual evolution through partnership. It is a path that helps us to work through deep-rooted issues instead of allowing them to stay hidden, which treats our sexuality as a valuable source of truth and a tool for our growth…

Tantra safe container

Safe container

A protected environment in which to talk about sexuality, explore your shadows and break free into a new and healthy sexuality

Authentic Tantra

Master your sexual energy to increase your power for spiritual evolution


Discover yourself in a deeper way and open up to a mature, conscious masculinity and femininity

The Art of Tantra workshop is designed to provide the individual with an understanding of the basic fundamental elements of Tantra and tools with which they can begin to practice.

gathering of people sitting partnered up at Art of Tantra ritualTantra is not limited to the sexual practice, but encompasses it, allowing for an integration of sexuality in the personal and spiritual evolution rather than letting it remain stagnant and stuck, the only place where we continually remain at the same level, while we develop and grow in every other.

Sexual energy is the base energy that fuels the whole being’s functioning; the creative capacity, the intellectual prowess, the affective potential, the will power, even spiritual aspiration, all derive from this initial, primary force.

Tantra contains a methodology for the conservation and optimum utilization of this basic energy.

The teachings are scientific and practical with an emphasis on real-world applications. The background is metaphysical and in keeping with ancient Yogic Philosophy.

There will be no nudity or explicit exemplifications

All exercises will be geared toward emotional connection and building energetic sensitivity. The essence of the teachings is a method of channeling this otherwise undirected and sometimes misguided energy and using it for achieving greater potential. Emphasis is also placed on re-evaluating relationships and replacing the idea of sexuality as a method of simply gaining pleasure with a method for connecting deeply and reaching higher states of consciousness.

This The Art of Tantra Workshop will be dedicated to the fundamentals necessary to begin the practice and includes:

  • What is Tantra, a historical understanding
  • Introduction into an understanding of Chakras, Polarity
  • Brachmacharya, the philosophical basis
  • The practice of Sublimation, Transmutation and channeling of the sexual energy
  • The practice of hatha yoga: asanas for sexual practice
  • The difference between orgasm and ejaculation
  • Explanation of the curves of pleasure
  • Forms of retention and methods of practice
  • Types of orgasm in women
  • Training of the vaginal muscles and the ancient practice of yoni egg
  • Tantric massage: how to unlock G-spot
  • Unleash women sexuality to unfold her full potential in life
  • How to reach whole body orgasm that leads to ecstasy
  • How to use sexuality to reach the realization of the Self

  • Gain self-confidence in your sexual life
  • Unleash your maximum orgasmic potential
  • Connect with your primordial energy and your inner power
  • Embody spirituality and sexuality in all aspect of your life
  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs and blockages
  • Open your heart and expand your consciousness in a new way of life

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