The Art of Dying

“Making friends with death” Learning the skills to navigate through the great transitions of existence


Online Workshop: December 16/17, 2023


In our culture, death has always been considered a difficult topic to deal with, surrounded by silence and fear. The knowledge of the death process is crucial to sustaining another person during the passage and for our own evolution since death is one the most important moments for the soul’s spiritual evolution and future destiny.

From the ancient teachings of Bardo Todol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, this exclusive workshop will guide you to the knowledge and practice of the mysteries of conscious transcendence, to have valuable tools for conducting a dying person toward the light.

A profound teaching with both ancient yogin and modern understanding for a personal practice toward spiritual realization. When we learn how to die, we learn how to truly live!

You will be guided by the expertise of Marco Kailashnath, with his profound knowledge and practice of tantric teaching he will give you deep support for your spiritual path.

Topics covered in the workshop and what you will get from it

  • The secret teachings of the Bardo Todol, overview and decodification of the text
  • The five vital breaths (vayus)
  • Conscious exiting of the physical body
  • The various stages of leaving the body in the process of dying
  • The transfer of consciousness (poh-va)
  • How to help a dying person find the way to transcendence and liberation
  • Death in the tantric perspective
  • and much more


“Now I can see death with different eyes” – Antonella

“I feel I’m not scared of death anymore after this workshop, making friends with death was the biggest message these days”  Luigi

“What a journey! Finally I could understand what the tibetan book of the dead is all about, thanks to the clear and sharp teaching I received, I realized how precious these practices are in my life” – Daniel

“It took me a while before deciding to sign up for this workshop but now I’m so grateful for what I learned that I would like to tell everyone how wrong is our perception od death in the western society” – Laura


Schedule: 1pm to 4pm / 6pm to 9pm 2023 UTC+2, for both days, sessions will be recorded for all the time zones.

Online Workshop: December 16/17, 2023

Art of Dying online workshop

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