Family Constellation sessions are an effective method to unveil what prevents you from living up to your full potential. These sessions help you regain the state of harmony, satisfaction, and self-realization in any aspect of your life, including sexuality.

generational healing

Making peace with the past is the key to living the present fully and to fulfillment.

Free your energy

Let go of energy-limiting burdens in any area of your life, including sexuality

A New Life Direction

A profound way to work on yourself, become a more evolved person, and shine your light on the world

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Deep Tantric Teachings
Twenty Years of Experience

Amita has been navigating the world of family constellations for two decades, and she masters this method with great professionalism.

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Online Session

The convenience of working with Amita, someone you trust deeply, from the comfort of your own home.

Tantra Yoga Teachers

You can work in groups on very intimate and sensitive subjects while maintaining a degree of privacy.

Online Constellations Content

About Constellations

Family Constellation uses 3D narratives to explore and heal family history. It uncovers hidden dynamics, shining light on restrictive beliefs.

It is a multi-dimensional process that offers deep subconscious healing and personal insight


Online work mirrors live sessions. It allows staging of past storied just like with in-person while ensuring privacy – crucial for sensitive topics like sexuality.

A pre-session chat with Amita ensures effective support.

Realms of Sexuality

We can delve into the complex realm of sexuality, encompassing aspects from the menstrual cycle to relationships, and masculinity and femininity.

All are influenced by familial habits, subtly linking you to your roots.


Portrait of Amita

My spiritual quest had led me to India, the practice of Yoga, and imbibing the teachings of various masters on my way. 

The next year brought me to Mexico, where I met Marco on the beach…waves lapping, sun setting, full moon rising – ah! 

Marco and I have been companions, lovers, and partners throughout the decades of practice. 

In addition to the traditional Tantric methods, stemming from my deep passion for all that is caring and healing, I have incorporated my practice of facilitating therapeutic Family Constellation sessions into the training. 

I have been on this path of growth and evolution for a long while and am mature enough to hold space for others so that they feel supported and protected.

Marco shares: “Amita is a powerful Lioness woman who brings light and fire to my every step. She is passionate and openhearted, a spiritual, mystical, and profound seeker but also in love with the world, life, and every living creature. 

We met when we were quite young, and I was attracted to her like a magnet as she has always been a natural Tantrica.”

“Family constellation with Amita has helped me to realize the importance of working with our roots (lineage) even when our problems apparently don’t have to do with them. She is amazing!”


portait of participant

Prices & Registration

You can join the session as a “receiver” staging your own family story, or a “representative” for other family members in which you can use the experience to apply the work to yourself.

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Still have questions?

Family constellation sessions reveal only what one can process, posing no risks. Often, there is an initial release of tension akin to opening a pressure cooker. But sessions end with feelings of freedom and clarity, replacing strife with peace. The work fosters a profound sense of inner balance.

Very often, representatives open up to experience deep reflections of their own personal stories by representing a family member of the receiver; you will never have been called by coincidence but rather by serendipity!

After many online sessions, we can state that the field of consciousness doesn’t change, and the benefit is the same as an in-person session.

Only partially, it is possible to have a chat only with me first so that it is not necessary to speak in front of the other participants. In this way, privacy is guaranteed.

You can constellate the theme even without your partner; the work will bring great benefits in any case.

Absolutely not; parents can do the work relating to their children in a very effectively even without their presence.

Absolutely; we will look into the influence that your history and the history of your family has had on your intimate life.

With the constellation sessions, it is possible to work on any theme, physical and mental health, relationship, money, sexuality, discovering your own talents, making difficult choices in life, mourning, etc. If you suffer from depression, it is really recommended!

Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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