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Family Constellations
Family Constellation sessions offer you the extraordinary opportunity to explore the unconscious planes of your being in a gentle, safe, but transformative way.

Family constellation work is a powerful tool to recalibrate the dynamics that we may have inherited from our families of origin that can block our achieving our full potential in all spheres of our lives.

  • Do you want to change your life but feel stuck in some aspects?

  • Are you looking for a tool to dissolve energy blockages and start flowing freely again?


It can be enormously liberating to realize how we repeat patterns detrimental to spiritual and emotional growth that we cannot manage to change because of unconscious feelings of loyalty to our family members.

It is possible to constellate any area of our lives where we are experiencing difficulties in the realms of health, love, and personal fulfillment; the blockages that hinder the discovery of our talents undermine our ability to deal with our finances and develop spirituality. And finally, to explore the sexual sphere, which is so very complex and mysterious.

Everything concerning the genital sphere, sexuality, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause, and sexual traumas, as well as the theme of relationships, is influenced by a thin thread that binds you to the habits of your family of origin.

In this work, we untie both the knots that bind us: those that we are familiar with and those that we were previously unaware of, thereby freeing up the flow of energy and love necessary to find harmony in all aspects of our lives, including sexuality.

  • Free your energy by dissolving all kinds of limiting blocks

  • Rediscover inner harmony in your life

  • Harmonize relationships with the people you love



In the Family Constellation sessions, the family history is reproduced in a sort of three-dimensional story in a work that goes beyond the mental and rational sphere and reveals our hearts and souls.

The re-creations, through words, sensations, and movements, will give voice to the unexpressed dynamics of the family to shed light on limiting beliefs that impose themselves onto our current lives.

By observing the re-creation of scenes from our past, it is possible to restore order in the family system and bring about profound healing at the level of the personal and family subconscious.

All session participants will benefit from the re-creations, as there may be resonances with their personal history. In this sense, the work of the constellations is “multi-dimensional,” which is truly mind-blowing.


How will I feel after the session?


Family constellation sessions only bring to light what the person can process, and there are no risks of any kind. It’s normal to feel a little tense before doing such work as opening the pressure cooker is always a bit scary. Still, by the end of the session, you will feel open and free, with a clear perception of having brought peace to where there previously mainly was only strife.

You will feel a deep sense of inner balance!


Family Constellation Work Online

Every month, AumTantraYoga organizes an online family constellation session with Amita.

The work in the online form is identical to the live sessions; the energy field that transcends space-time limitations is opened, and it is possible to stage the various stories just as in person.

It is not necessary to reveal details of your history in front of the group, so a certain level of privacy is guaranteed (especially if you want to work in the sphere of sexuality). If so, before the session with the group, it would be appropriate to have a personal chat with Amita so that she can best support you.

Reservations are required to participate, both to stage your story and to join in the role of representing others’ family members.

(Those who will participate as “representatives” will not choose their own personal theme; despite this, the work is profound for all the participants in the group and will have tremendous personal benefit anyway)

Drop the ballast so you can fly freely!

Family Constellations with Amita

I have always been interested in psychological work and find constellations to be a unique tool in helping people make breakthroughs to a life unburdened with the yoke of past traumas and harmful ingrained ways of thinking and behaving.

I don’t know what I would have done without this great help. I certainly wouldn’t be the woman I am now!

If I think about some of my personal, painful issues that I worked on with family constellation sessions some time ago and then look at how things are today…well…the transformation is impressive.

I am so grateful to life for having had the opportunity to embark upon this epic journey of inner healing. That’s why now, after almost twenty years of working on myself, I hear the same clarion call to serve others and make myself useful to them using this same method, which is now mine to its essence.

For me, the joy of seeing people free themselves from the cords that prevent them from flying free and expressing their potential in this life is boundless.

When harmony is restored to the system, love can flow again; feeling that universal flow of love is what brings me the most joy.

I sincerely hope this work brings you the same benefits it did for me!  –  Amita


“Family constellation with Amita has made me realize the importance of working with our roots (lineage) even when our problems don’t apparently have to do with them. She is so kind, compassionate & caring for those who are constellating. I admire her passion & her joy throughout the sessions, I have participated in more than 5 FAMC sessions with Amita and always leave with an open heart, and more compassion towards myself and everything! Thank you Amita”

Afsaneth, Mexico


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Receive your constellation – 80$


Participate as representant – 35$


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