Tantra Yoga Mexico

Tantra Yoga Mexico

On the beautiful sunny coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, you can find one of the most exclusive, authentic offerings of Tantra Yoga in the world.

While residing in a beautiful resort with stunning view of the Pacific Ocean, you can dive deep into the mystery of the traditional teachings of Tantra Yoga, guided by a couple of expert dedicated teachers with 20 years of experience in Tantrik Yoga, meditation and more modern esoteric and scientific disciplines.

AumTantraYoga offers a doorway to the tantrik path as it has been practiced for thousands of years. Through our Academy, you will learn systematically the essential teachings and practices of tantric yoga as a path to Self-realization.

These powerful techniques, when combined with a deep theoretical understanding, have the potential to transform your entire life.

We provide a safe container for all students to explore their own inner world, including sexuality, with full guidance and support.

The Tantrik Academy

AumTantraYoga offers a truly unique academic program with which you can deepen your knowledge in the extraordinary vastness of tantra yoga in Mexico and Italy. This path represents an incredible journey of personal growth at physical, mental and spiritual levels of your existence, a life-changing experience for your evolution. 

AumTantraYoga will take you step by step through the ancient knowledge of tantra. This allows you to learn the system fully and experience its results firsthand, for your personal evolution and so you can transmit to others: so that you can teach with perseverance, passion and devotion. 

It is a theoretical and practical method that will grant you the necessary experience to dive deep into the secrets of this millennia-old tradition, providing a path in different steps:

Tantra Teacher Training Course 200hr

This life-changing Tantra TTC will take you on a journey through traditional tantra with modern approaches, a perfect blend of Kashmir Shaivism, non-dual tantra together with modern sexology and psychology.

Over five intensive weeks, this training will be a profound personal transformation. It will also prepare you to powerfully support others in the amazing journey of conscious sexuality and conscious relationships.

As a Tantra TTC graduate, you will be fully equipped to host tantra workshops around the world…

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Advanced Tantra Teachings

Very exclusive Advanced Tantra Teachings for all those who want to continue their studies and practices in Tantra. You can deepen the practice of various advanced tantra kundalini yoga and secret tantric techniques and rituals, such as working with the 10 Mahavidyas and much more.

In addition to being a truly profound personal journey, this advanced courses will complement your studies as a Tantra Yoga Teacher, as part of Continuing Education (YACEP). To participate, you must have attended at least the 200hr Tantra Teacher Training…

Workshops on Tantra Yoga in Mexico

Tantra workshop: “The Art of Tantra”

This workshop is designed to provide an understanding of the basic fundamental elements of tantra and tools with which you can begin to practice.Sexual energy is the base energy that fuels the whole being’s functioning.

Tantra contains a methodology for the conservation and optimum utilization of this basic energy. The teachings are scientific and practical with an emphasis on real-world application. The background is metaphysical and in keeping with ancient yogic philosophy.There will be no nudity or explicit demonstrations…

Tantra workshop: “The Tantric Relationship”

Building and maintaining a deep love relationship, harmonious and vital at the same time, is certainly one of the greatest challenges in the modern era.

This workshop will provide the tools to create a solid foundation for the couple and thus sustain the relationship.How to get rid of old limiting patterns and open up to a healthy way of being together?
How to integrate spirituality and life as a couple?

This is a path of understanding the intricate subject of a couple’s relationship, exploring it from a new perspective. Open to everyone, couples or singles…

Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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