Tantra Teacher Training Course 200 hr


The Tantra Teacher Training Course is the gem of all our courses! Prepare to emerge totally transformed from this life-changing course. In one month, you will receive several tools to master your energy and lead others as a Tantra teacher.


Receive all the tools you need to teach Tantra Yoga anywhere in the World.

Profound inner transformation

A life-changing experience to deepen your personal awareness and further your spiritual journey.

Transmit the ancient knowledge

Become an initiated channel of transmission of these ancient teachings in the World.

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Tantra Teacher Training Video
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A ONE OF A KIND Teacher Training Course

Profound Teachings

Avoids the superficiality of modern Tantra teachings and dives deeply into Tantra with the goal of realization of the True Self.

Safe Container

To explore the realms of sacred sexuality for both women and men in a truly healthy Tantric container.

Experienced Teachers

You will receive a direct transmission from Marco and Amita, who have a lifetime of Tantra practice to back them up.

What You’ll Learn in this Teacher Training

Classical Tantra

  • Tantra the way of energy: master the activation of your chakras and free your energy channels
  • Tantric philosophy: receive the transmission that will raise your level of consciousness
  • Pillars of Tantra: learn all the elements to practice and teach this path that leads to the Revelation of the Self

Conscious sexuality

  • Unleash your maximum sexual potential, remove blocks and heal from traumas that limit this powerful energy.
  • Channel your sexual energy to experience consciousness expansion through Tantra practices.
  • Heal the wounds of the inner child to attract a truly harmonious relationship.

The Art of Teaching

  • Learn how to structure your Tantra courses in the most effective way to become a successful teacher.
  • Learn the secret of holding space for your students and to become a guide in the path of Tantra.
  • Receive all the tools to accompany your students and clients on the path of Tantric sacred sexuality.

Tantra Teacher Training Locations

Explore the magical Mazunte in Mexico, with its stunning beaches and welcoming vibe, or find serenity in Sicily, Italy, a Mediterranean paradise of warm hospitality.


Mazunte is famous for being a power center and a magical place. The waves of the ocean will be the soundtrack; the colors of its purply sunsets from the Punta Cometa cliffs will inspire you. There are breathtaking locations to explore: beaches where one can swim, bodyboard, or surf. impressive landscapes and their energies will leave you with beautiful wistful memories. Bliss Haven retreat is a quite tropical oasis in the center of this vibrant town, perfect to support you in this Tantric journey to become a teacher.

Italy Course

Sicily is a Mediterranean paradise island, especially in September when the climate is particularly pleasant and the emerald waters soothingly warm. We meet amidst the sea pines, and the atmosphere of southern Italy that exudes fragrance. A real Tantric experience. You will feel at home in a beautiful retreat at the slopes of Mount Etna with breathtaking overlooking at Ionian sea.

“I know that after this training, I will be the master of my own life. The way Marco and Amita teach Tantra is clear, profound, and practical but also concise. And the way they interact so lovingly with each other is heartwarming.”


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We are a couple united in spiritual quest, sharing decades of combined practice in Yoga and Tantra teachings.

Portrait of Amita


I’m a Leo born in 1974. My spiritual quest had led me to India, the practice of Yoga and Tantra, and imbibing the teachings of various traditional masters on my way. 

Years later life brought me to Mexico, where I met Marco on the beach…waves lapping, sun setting, full moon rising – ah! 

Marco and I have been companions, lovers, and partners throughout the decades of practice. 

In addition to the traditional Tantric methods, stemming from my deep passion for all that is caring and healing, I have incorporated my practice of facilitating therapeutic Family Constellation sessions into the training. 

I have been on this path of growth and evolution for a long while and matured enough to hold space for others so that they feel supported and protected.

Marco shares: “Amita is a powerful Lioness woman who brings light and fire to my every step. She is passionate and openhearted, a spiritual, mystical, and profound seeker but also in love with the world, life, and every living creature. 

We met when we were quite young, and I was attracted to her like a magnet as she has always been a natural Tantrika.”

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portrait of Marco


I have always been a mystical soul; my Aquarian nature has been apparent since childhood, and I have always been drawn to the subtle mysteries of existence. As a teenager, I discovered the pure love of Paramahansa Yogananda and undertook variuos trips to India in my 20′.

There I encountered various schools of traditional Yoga and, subsequently, Tantra, which I explored with Amita. 

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am devoted to practicing and studying the sacred texts intuitively so that the essence and application of those teachings are revealed to me. 

For the student to succeed, they have to strike a balance in their practices, learning yoga techniques and authentic Tantra, but understanding the philosophy of Tantra sheds light on the process of evolution to our higher potential as human beings connected in oneness; so, my passion has been for teaching Kashmiri Shaivism and all non-dual oriental philosophies. 

My innate ability is to perceive the Divine in the metaphysical perfection of existence and to transmit this sense of spiritual elevation, guiding the student into subtle dimensions of consciousness. My devotion to truth, receptivity, depth, and humility together has made me a much-loved teacher.

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Janaina is a Pisces, born in 1979. After her university studies in Urban Planning which was followed by 10 years of corporate work experience, she decided to dedicate her entire life to spiritual work. She became a Yoga teacher in 2011 and started teaching immediately, yet also continued advanced studies on Kundalini Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism and Tibetan Buddhism. She studied with many important Yoga, Tantra and Sufism masters in India, Thailand, Turkey and Brazil.

From early ages Janaina has been very connected to her femininity. Adoration of the Divine Feminine opened her way to support many women on the spiritual path, she loves offering femininity works. Being an intuitive-feeling type allows her to be a natural when it comes to leading Tantric rituals and the work with Das Mahavidyas (Great Wisdom Goddesses of Tantra) is one of her biggest passions.

She has also been initiated in Shamanic practices in the last decade deepened her understanding of the magical forces of Mother Nature. She is a facilitator of the psycho-shamanic training ‘The Heart Light Method’, adept in
family constellation and also a certified Jungian coach.

Prices & Registration

Sicily - Italy
26/08/2024 - 21/09/2024
Mazunte - Mexico
03/02/2025 - 01/03/2025


  • 200hr Yoga Alliance certified Tantra teacher training course
  • 200 pages study booklet and extra teaching materials
  • 28 days accomodation
  • 2 vegetarian organic meals daily
  • 12GB of extra video and audio materials

Not Included:

  • Flights tickets
  • Shuttle bus from airport to the venue
  • Extra activity and escursions


Italy - early bird prices until june 25th 2024

  • Room dorm 5/6 beds shared bath (this room is only for women): 4550€  picture
  • Room 2/3-bed shared bath: 4955€  picture
  • Private room with bath: 5955€  picture

To book your place is required a deposit of 500€ and filling up the questionnaire

Mexico - early bird prices until december 2nd 2024

  • Basic Studio shared (2 people): 4250 USD
  • Studio shared (2 people): 4385 USD
  • Big Cabaña shared (2/3 people): 4870/4520 USD
  • Private Studio (not shared): 5490 USD

To book your place is required a deposit of 500$ and filling up the questionnaire

Tantra teacher training course certificate
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Refund Policy

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Still have questions?

  • Kundalini Shakti: the fundamental force of your being. Learning different techniques to master the capability of awakening and channeling this powerful energy through advanced hatha yoga, pranayama, bandha, mudras, etc.
  • Deepening your knowledge and practice on the chakras: bija mantras and the use of related elements…
  • Mantra and Yantra: using the keys of the tantric way for the awakening of the consciousness.
  • Learn the pillars of the ancient Tantric philosophy and practice:
    Kashmir Shaivism practices from the Vijnanabhairavatantra, Shiva Sutra, Spandakarika, Tantraloka and other texts. The Tattvas, a journey through the resorption toward the Source using elements, senses, etc., tantric Buddhism and Taoism.
  • Shiva and Shakti: studies of the polarities and their tendencies.
  • Tantric rituals: deep understanding and practice of all the elements of this powerful path.
  • Sacred approach to sexuality, transforming love-making into a true spiritual path.
  • Mastering the art of sublimation and transmutation of sexual energy to higher chakras for spiritual development.
  • Reach a perfect mastering of sexual energy for your spiritual evolution: with a modern sexological. approach, learn how to unleash your full sexual potential, real fuel to bring in any area of your life.
  • Become more aware of your sexuality, release blockages, learn how to open completely to deep intimacy without fear, release traumas and unhealthy memories, and transform disempowering beliefs around sexuality and social conditioning.
  • Systemic Family Constellations: discovering underlying family bonds and patterns that have been carried unconsciously over several generations. A process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness.
  • Body anatomy and pelvic floor health.
  • Touch and awareness: learn how to give yoni massage and lingam massage.
  • Shakti group and Vira group: separate practices for women and men, initiation into spiritual femininity and masculinity, rites of passage.
  • How to build the most amazing tantric relationship, consecrating your love to personal growth and spiritual evolution.
  • If you are single: how to attract the right partner and experience a healthy, harmonious relationship.

While this course will give you all the tools to embark on a journey with your sexuality, there will be no exercise that requires nudity or sexual intimacy.

Our program is designed to be a perfect blend of practice and theory so that the teachings sink in deeply but are integrated into your life through the practice.

The course is designed to be a boost for beginners but also very profound for those who have already been approaching the subject for a while already.

  • A true commitment to learning and motivation to become a tantra teacher.
  • You must be able to read, speak, and comprehend English with a satisfactory degree of fluency.
  • A certain degree of open-mindedness is needed to practice all the exercises in this Tantra Teacher training. However, there will be no explicit sexual demonstrations and we are committed to providing a safe container for men and women, with reciprocal respect and clear boundaries.

The training will give you all the tools you need to hold a Tantra workshop according to your abilities. Our curriculum includes a profound and extensive study of didactics: you will receive the elements of the art of teaching you will need to be a great teacher.

During the Tantra Teacher training you will go through our world-famous workshops: “The Art of Sacred Intimacy” and “The Tantric Relationship” and you will gain experience to teach The Light of Tantra Method™ around the world.

You will receive a deep understanding of the Tantra philosophy and you will practice intensively a variety of tantric techniques to be able to coach and support other persons on this path.

The art of teaching: you will receive all the elements and support to become a compelling teacher. This includes communication skills, holding space for students, emotional control, boundaries, ethics, and behaviors.

  • 7AM to 8AM: morning meditation
  • 8AM to 10AM: tantric hatha yoga practice
  • 10AM to 2PM: long break to eat, rest, enjoy the beach, and study.
  • 2PM to 8PM: lectures and practices on Tantra

Absolutely yes, you will be able to integrate all the teachings of Tantra into your knowledge, making you a truly complete and prepared therapist.

Our course follows the teachings of authentic traditional Tantra; however, it provides a truly modern approach suitable for the Western mentality.The right combination of meditation and esoteric practices with the basic elements of modern psychology. Our course and what you may have learned in the past may really be complementary for you!

We will take you on an exciting journey into your energy through the chakras and the elements. You will learn how to master your power and how to channel it to serve your needs and evolve in conscious communion. Of course, we are explicit about the descriptions of sexual energy; you will learn to activate that life force and channel it to the higher planes of your being.



What touched me the most in this tantra teacher training is having the blessing of having committed teachers. 

Because I’ve been searching for spiritual teachers, and it’s something that I have been praying for. 

It’s not really that easy to find people that are authentic, committed and serious about a topic that is so important, like Tantra.

So for me it’s a blessing to have been able to find this here in Aum Tantra Yoga

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Marco is handsome, kind, savvy, smart, intelligent. Amita is a fiery tigress who peels the layers from your flesh to expose your soul. 

Otherwise, they are compassionate, beautiful people who are committed to sharing their truth and their knowledge with the world.

There was great dynamic of energy between Amita and Marco. They offered a lot to myself and to the group as a whole during this teacher training.

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I feel that I got back to my spiritual practice because I lost it in the last years. So I’m back on track, and I really like that. 

I feel that I got to experience what real Tantra is about, which I had some ideas in my head about, but I didn’t know fully before.

What I liked mostly was the mixture of everything. We had practice, we had yoga, we had meditation, we had pranayama, but we also had rituals and lectures.

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Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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