Tantra Immersion Online Course

15-16 May 2021


Mature Your Sexual Life

Reprogram your sexual habits and patterns, and mature your sexual life through inner mastery.

Live and Love from Your Chakra

Diversify your sexual and life experiences by learning to make love from specific chakra and their related elements.

Channel Your Energies

Learn the millennium’s old practice of channeling sexual energies, and how to direct and focus them towards any area of your life.

About the Live Seminar

Sexuality is a mighty force that can raise energies and open us to our best self, or discharge all of our life force. Using the teachings of the chakras and elements, this seminar will give you a new understanding of your sexual energy, and how to channel them to unleash your full potential.

Each of these expressions of love are perfect and sacred. You will understand where your strengths lies and which areas to cultivate.

Imagine channeling and transforming sexual energies and bring them into all aspects of your life! How much energy, how much passion, how much potential. A real boost for your personal growth.

No previous experience in Tantra is needed. Our goal is to root our teachings in the classical teachings of Tantra, while transmitting them in a way that is accessible to all.

For Women:

This path starts with the release of your orgasmic potential. All women can open up to internal orgasm and become multi-orgasmic, alone or in pairs. This path may not even take that long, trust me! Know your erogenous points and how to free them, learn to let yourself go and open yourself completely, recognize the powerful being that you are and release your strength.

For Men:

On the other hand, to open up to tantric sexuality, you will learn to channel sexual energies upwards, in the spine, to ride the orgasmic wave of the woman to implode with her in an explosion of energy that unlocks all channels, opens the chakras and elevates you to ecstasy. Raise your consciousness through orgasmic pleasure, expand it to the whole body and subtle bodies, until you recognize the infinite being that you are.

Course Details

This 2 day online seminar is designed for men and women, as couples or singles.

You can follow the seminars from the comfort of your home or wherever you want, and at your own pace. There will be theoretical presentations completed by a series of profound and fun exercises such as musical meditations, guided visualizations, and tantric yoga sessions.

A real journey through your energies that will open up new knowledge of yourself and your partner, for deeper and more satisfying sexuality, but also an initiation to the initiatory spiritual path of Tantra.

There will be no sexually explicit exercises, everyone’s limits will be respected, you will find an absolutely safe container where you can explore the topic of sexuality in a professional, conscious and sacred way.

  • Explanations of the various level of sexual experience on the different chakras and music exercises to practice it.
  • Visual meditations.
  • Explanations of the curve of pleasure and exercises on how to control sexual energy for men.
  • Sublimation and transmutation practices.
  • Yoga and Tantra as a way of spiritual accomplishment for modern people.
  • How to become a multiorgasmic woman and use this potential in life.
  • Practice mantras and yantras in tantra.
  • Tantric rituals

Schedule: Saturday and Sunday 8:30 – 12:00 – lunch break – 14:00 – 17:00 Central European Summer Time

To accommodate different time zones, this workshop will also be available on-demand. Each day’s recordings will become fully available one day after and therefore it will be more practical for on-demand participants to start one day after the actual retreat start date. Each day’s recordings will remain available to view for seven days. All participants will need to choose between either participating live or by recording for the duration of the retreat.

Course Outcomes

  • Gain confidence in your sexual life.
  • Unleash your maximum orgasmic potential.
  • Connect with your primordial energy and your inner power.
  • Embody spirituality and sexuality in all aspects of your life.
  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs and blockages.
  • Open your heart and expand your consciousness to a new way of life.


Early Bird Price until May 8th: € 139 

(after May 8th, 25% more)

Ask for a 20% off discount code if you want to participate in the recording version.

Cancellations policies

Full refund for the cancellations ’till 48 hours before the starting of the course.


“This seminar has opened unknown horizons to me with my sexuality, a new way of experiencing femininity, I recommend it to everyone at any age, even to those who are not in a couple”  – Mara

“It is a practical seminar when the philosophy of Tantra becomes a practical experience to improve my sex life, finally an integration between sexuality and spirituality”  – Marco

“An incredibly intense seminar, helped me to free myself from energy blocks that limited my sexuality”  – Mirco

“You can perceive the incredible experience of Marco and Amita, a real turnaround with how I treated with my sexuality” – Giulia