Tantra and Premenstrual Syndrome

Finding Harmony in Body and Mind

The days before and during menstruation can be really tough, if only men could understand!

We feel everything, absorb everything, like sponges. Yet, amidst this extreme sensitivity, there is an incredible force that courses through us like an electric current.

During those days, I am at the peak of my feminine energy, at the height of Yin.

This makes me extremely sensitive, or rather, psychic. I perceive things that are usually imperceptible, whether I am aware of it or not.

I can’t be around people; I need to retreat to my “red moon tent” because I am too receptive. The tensions of those around me, their vibrations, everything becomes unbearable. If I don’t withdraw, I become nervous, angry, frustrated, and ultimately, an unpleasant woman.

Retreat and Rebirth

If I am allowed to retreat into my cocoon, I can dedicate myself to the deep listening and refelaction I need. I can immerse myself in silence, look at the deepest parts of myself, and be reborn, enriched and renewed. Sometimes, healed. Intuition flows effortlessly, not as thoughts from my mind but from the depths of my belly, and for this reason, they are always true. The belly never lies!

During those days, my energy levels plummet dramatically to the second center, the water chakra, connected to the Moon and emotions. This is why I may cry over little things, and my emotions can present like a stormy sea. I need to take time to meditate, pray, dance, sing, and do everything that helps elevate my vital force to higher energy centers to balance the power of Water that takes over during those times.

Sexuality as Ecstasy and Healing

Sexual energy can be overwhelming during this period. When well managed, sex becomes a spiritual practice. My orgasmic force brings great relief when it is deep, oceanic, vaginal. It transforms heaviness into pure ecstasy, the excess of emotions into love and expansion.

During these days I must avoid chaotic, superficial, and rudimentary sexuality, which is counterproductive.

Instead, I can activate my deepest erogenous zones and unleash the valley orgasm because it is a wave that propagates upwards, sublimating the denser energies of the lower chakras into something more subtle and refined, bringing immediate calm and inner peace.

The Importance of Rest

But the most important thing is rest! In a healthy society, women should have the right to withdraw and rest during those days.

Exempt from daily tasks, not because they are impure (as thought in India, where menstruating women cannot even touch food in the kitchen), but simply because they need tranquility and rest.

A healthy society honors and respects the rhythms of female cycles, for she is the mother of the world’s children and must be deeply honored, her needs listened and attended to.

In those days, the energy flowing through my body is incredibly powerful. This is a well known fact in Tantra. Premenstrual syndrome and all the discomforts we experience during those days can be transformed and sublimated into wonderful states of expanded consciousness and pure love.


Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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