Tantra and Homosexuality: The Art of Sacred Intimacy in the Homosexual Couple

Tantra and Homosexuality

During our seminars around the world, we often meet homosexuals, both men and women, who ask us if it is possible to apply tantra and homosexuality, to apply the principles of tantric sexuality even between two partners of the same gender. To meet this need, we have undertaken research in the context of the ancient tantric tradition but, neither in ancient texts nor in consulting with various masters, we have found references to homosexual sexuality in Tantrism.

Despite this, we have used our experience as yoga and tantra teachers to draw up some guidelines that are also perfectly applicable to homosexual couples. First of all, we must make it clear that sexual energy is born from the energetic attraction between a masculine and a feminine polarity – Yin and Yang, solar and lunar – which are attracted to each other throughout the universe, from the level of atom to the most complex life forms.



The spark that ignites the sexual charge is nothing else but an electricity generated by male and female polarity. This is a universal law, like the force of gravity, and cannot be questioned.

It is clear that masculine and feminine are present in each of us, either expressed or in latent form. You can be born in a woman’s body and manifest this energy outside while keeping your masculine side latent, or vice versa. The factors that determine which polarity we naturally express are manifold, linked to our relationship with parents and to education, to social culture, to what we experience in life and probably also linked to karma. What cannot be denied is that both polarities, male and female, are contained in the psychic apparatus of each of us.

Even in homosexual sexuality, the spark is born between a masculine and a feminine energy. This is an inescapable universal law. If there were no such polarity, there would be no fuse that frees this powerful energy which is sexuality. It is clear that if there is sexual attraction between two men or two women, one of the partners is expressing his feminine aspect and the other the masculine. Not being a homosexual, I asked many gay friends to tell me about their experience and I discovered that this kind of polarity in homosexual couples can be constant or alternating during the relationship.

Returning to tantric sexuality, a clarification is needed above all for couples of men:
The main foundation of tantric sexuality is the sublimation of sexual energy towards the high chakras, preventing it from being wasted externally with ejaculation.
When a man learns to implode his orgasm instead of exploding it outward, all this energy is channeled into the spine, leading to high states of consciousness as in meditation and prayer. A true spiritual experience!

Containing seminal force requires great control, a certain familiarity in maneuvering one’s own energy and often requires real training on the part of man.
Women in this are more fortunate, as the internal female orgasm is by nature implosive. The energy is freed towards the high chakras without great effort. All that a woman must learn is the ability to totally abandon herself to this experience to liberate its power to the maximum.

When a man makes love with a woman, when she frees all this force that implodes upwards, he can ride the wave and climb with her imploding orgasm. A true alchemical miracle. Man, through the woman’s internal orgasm, can experience orgasmic experiences that involve not only the genital area but the whole body, where the energy rises along the column activating the upper chakra. A great expansion experience!

Surely even in sexuality among men, it is possible to reach such levels and avoid exploding energy outward with ejaculation (this leads to a drastic drop in vital energy and a sense of exhaustion) but this requires a capacity for even stronger energy control. Also in the masculine body there is an implosive erogenous point positioned in the prostate area and which is stimulated with anal penetration. It is called “point P” and is the equivalent of the G-spot in the woman, being able to release an implosive orgasmic energy even for men.

I kept asking my gay friends if they had ever experienced this experience. I discovered that it is not such a common thing, because anal pleasure frees an energy that is very powerful but still dense and heavy. Linked to the Earth element, it is connected to the first chakra and often remains limited to the low chakras. However, this type of deep, oceanic orgasmic “valley” experience may be possible also between two men.

Taoist Tantra Approach

Speaking of homosexual sexuality, in terms of Yin and Yang energy, there is another aspect to be explored. This has been explained by Mantak Chia, contemporary master of Taoist tantra. He claims that, since the physical body of two men are still predominantly loaded with Yang energy (with an emissive characteristic), they could undergo an imbalance of this energy. This can lead to a continuous sense of dissatisfaction: sex is never enough, and an excessive need to ejaculate which could lead to the exhaustion of vital energy.

Often, in fact, in male gay environments, sexuality can become really extreme and promiscuous. (Obviously not always! We are talking about people with little awareness of their own energy and guided mainly by animal instincts). In his books, Mantak Chia provides specific advice for homosexual men, practices to absorb Yin energy to balance the excess of Yang. I report some of them:

• Expose the genital area to the moonlight, full of Yin energy, without clothing of course, to absorb the lunar energy (Yin).
• Create a small hole in the earth and lie down on your stomach putting the penis inside, absorbing the Yin energy of the earth
• Occasionally invite a woman for a three-way tantric ritual (if there is such open-mindedness of both partners, of course).

In the case of tantra and homosexuality among women, Mantak Chia speaks of the opposite situation in which there is an excess of feminine, receptive Yin energy. Two women standing together can experience an excess of passivity that can lead to long-term apathy. Frequently two women will end up being together as sisters and sexuality may not be very vital. Obviously, based on the personal predisposition of both women, this cannot be a fixed rule. Following are some practices to balance the Yang energy:
• Allow sunlight to enter the vagina and absorb the Yang energy.
• Extended use of penetration during sexual intercourse between two women, with the help of special tool.
• Occasionally invite a man for a three-person tantric ritual (only if it is lived in a pleasant and harmonious way).

With this I hope I have explored the subject in a complete and politically correct way, without having offended anyone’s sensitivity. For me, love is the only thing that matters, in any form and colors. My intent is to bring more energy awareness in the field of sexuality but my love and my respect goes to any human being in the same form, regardless of identification with one gender or another.

The human being is wonderful precisely because of its diversity. From everyone there is something to learn and I am open to your comments and your sharing around tantra and homosexuality.



Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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