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Red Tantra: Sexuality and Attachment

Red Tantra: Sexuality and Attachment

Red Tantra is a personal and spiritual growth path that includes sexual energy. It is a primordial force with incredible potential; it is so powerful that it can lead to spiritual realization quickly if channeled upwards. On the other hand, sexuality does carry a strong force within human beings, which can cause them to fall into attachment quickly and become slaves of desire.

Your Yoni as a Portal to Infinity

Your Yoni as a Portal to Infinity

The sacredness of the vagina in the tantric tradition The tantric tradition places great importance on sexual energy, more than possibly any other spiritual path. It’s beyond doubt that this truly is a powerful and overwhelming force. Just see how much space sexuality occupies in people’s lives, how much it affects their daily existence. Tantra teaches us to use all…

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