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Monogamy or Polygamy in Tantra

Monogamy or Polygamy in Tantra

Tantra is a path that embraces life in all its forms. Even couple relationships become a practice of growth and evolution. When you are using sexual energy intensely, especially if you practice red tantra, it is not difficult to understand why the topic of polyamory (intimate relationship with several people at the same time) comes up so often.

Your Yoni as a Portal to Infinity

Your Yoni as a Portal to Infinity

The sacredness of the vagina in the tantric tradition The tantric tradition places great importance on sexual energy, more than possibly any other spiritual path. It’s beyond doubt that this truly is a powerful and overwhelming force. Just see how much space sexuality occupies in people’s lives, how much it affects their daily existence. Tantra teaches us to use all…

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