Spirituality and AI

Can Spirituality coexist with Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our lives, from smartphones to self-driving cars.  As we rely more on technology, we have become increasingly disconnected from spirituality.  However, there is a growing interest in the integration of spirituality and artificial intelligence, and many believe that it can lead […]

Ethical Marketing for Tantra Yoga Schools: is it possible?

Marco and amita at an altar

Today my heart wants to talk about a delicate topic when it comes to spiritual schools: marketing!

In ancient times the masters of yoga, tantrics and mystics gained students by sitting on the banks of the Ganges waiting, after they had received a vision of the student who would arrive.

Today things are different!

If you feel you have a gift to offer the world or, like us, you have received thousand years old knowledge and feel that it is your duty to share it with others, you must utilize the language of the modern world in order to convey your message: marketing, advertising , the web and social media. Otherwise no one will see you, even if what you have to offer is really something important and evolutionary.

Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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