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Muladhara Chakra: the Root Chakra in Life, Yoga and Sexuality

Muladhara Chakra: the Root Chakra in Life, Yoga and Sexuality

Stability. Vitality. Connection to nature, to the essential life force that enables our existence in this physical form.
That slowness and steadiness that wins the race.
These are the key qualities of the Earth element, and in a human being such as yourself, they’re expressed through the energy of muladhara chakra, the first chakra or “root chakra” located at the base of the spine.
Muladhara may be the “lowest” chakra but it’s extremely important, both in your daily life and yoga practice. Think of it as your base of support, or like your battery that powers your whole system…

Gymnastics for the Pleasure

Gymnastics for the Pleasure

The Perineum Area This area also referred to as the pelvic floor and for many women it’s a part of the body that is still a mystery, and given its relationship with sexuality but also urination and defecation, it is often loaded with the sense of modesty and cultural taboos. The pelvic floor is the muscular area between the anus…

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