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Muladhara Chakra: the Root Chakra in Life, Yoga and Sexuality

Muladhara Chakra: the Root Chakra in Life, Yoga and Sexuality

Stability. Vitality. Connection to nature, to the essential life force that enables our existence in this physical form.
That slowness and steadiness that wins the race.
These are the key qualities of the Earth element, and in a human being such as yourself, they’re expressed through the energy of muladhara chakra, the first chakra or “root chakra” located at the base of the spine.
Muladhara may be the “lowest” chakra but it’s extremely important, both in your daily life and yoga practice. Think of it as your base of support, or like your battery that powers your whole system…

5 Ways How to Balance Muladhara Chakra

5 Ways How to Balance Muladhara Chakra

Do you often feel tired, dull or weak? Do you often get sick? Do you have enough energy for long lovemaking or tend to lose your drive early on?
These are all signs that your vitality, your basic life energy, is low.
Since tantra is a path of energy, it’s extremely important to run on full power. Vitality is important to feel good and stay healthy, but also so you can practice tantric lovemaking and powerful sublimation.
The yogic tradition provides a clear understanding of where this raw vital force comes from and how we can amplify it. Keep reading to learn cultivate your vitality and enjoy more energy, health and spiritual power.

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