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The incredible potential of real Yoga

The incredible potential of real Yoga

Imagine having a potent all-purpose tool to use in life whenever you need, like some kind of magical power.
Do you need more physical energy because you have an athletic competition coming up? Do you need all your mental power to take an exam? Or do you feel you need a huge heart space to rekindle the intimate connection with your loved one, a parent or child?
Imagine being able to concentrate your energy as needed, at various times of the day and life in general!
Welcome to the world of yoga.
It is mistakenly thought that this discipline is a kind of stretching for the body and little else; few people know that, in reality, yoga is much, much more. Work on muscles, tendons and ligaments is really just the tip of the iceberg.
The effect of the practice can reach incredible depths, far beyond the physical body.
The effects on health are now scientifically established. Stretching the body and its connective tissue, with its nerves, muscles and blood vessels, is known to be a real elixir of life. Not to mention the chemical effect due to the stimulation of the endocrine system, a true regulating practice of the internal chemistry of our body. And not to mention the breath…
But it doesn’t end there!
Yoga also influences us on a psychological level, and here we enter the world of chakras. These are energetic structures that reside along the spine at different points, each of them governing a part of the body but also a psychological and energetic aspect. By following the path of the chakras from the bottom up, from the root of the spine to the crown of the head, we embark on the complete journey of human evolution, from instinctive animal nature to our divine, transcendental essence. The road passes through personal power, creativity and sexuality, love in all its forms, the highest intuition, pure intelligence and the divine nature that each of us represents.
Isn’t that amazing? All of this is within each of us, from the beast to God.
The lower chakras are connected to the more instinctive aspects of human life, those that allow us to keep the body alive and the continuation of the species. These are related to the reptilian brain, the legacy of our animal life and are necessary for survival
As you go up, when the primary needs are satisfied, social needs appear: the need to belong to a group, to be accepted by the community, etc.
Climbing further, the personality appears: the ego, with its need to differentiate itself from all the others, to perceive itself as unique and special.
It is only by advancing further, however, that the grip of the ego loosens and leaves room for that sense of union that can only be experienced through love. Pure love, universal love. We have now reached the level of the heart chakra. Only at this point can we start speaking about spirituality.
Climbing further along the column, from the heart up, we arrive at the throat chakra, the ethereal and mysterious vishuddha, the chakra where the sense of space and time resides, the chakra of elevated intuition, connected to the ether element.
The penultimate step of the ladder is our formidable mind, the third eye, our most powerful tool and at the same time the most difficult to control. The mind can mess up our existence or open the door to enlightenment, do you agree? At this masculine and feminine level, yin and yang, emissive and receptive, solar and lunar unite. When the energy rises to this perfectly balanced level between opposites, then the portal opens, the gate of heaven and ecstasy, the crown chakra, where duality no longer exists, where all is One and where one can experience. of its universal nature, eternal and infinite.
At this level, the ecstasy of wholeness and emptiness awaits us at the same time. Some have called this Buddhahood, samadhi, or satori, or mystical union.
Saints from all eras and traditions have described this experience, but it is indescribable. Often only poetry, music or sublime art can, even minimally, come close to telling it.
If you are now thinking that the goal of enlightenment is too far, for now, from your daily needs, know that the work of the chakras also has a much more earthly application. As I told you, in yoga we learn to energize a certain chakra according to the situation and needs. You can empower manipura, the third chakra, to improve your digestion or heal an abdominal problem. You can focus the energy of svadhistana, the second chakra, to have the best night of love of your life. (Though in that case, if you want that night to actually last all night, you better get used to sublimating energy into the high chakras even in bed!)
You can stimulate memory and learning ability by activating ajna chakra, the third eye, with the plow position, for example. Try practicing it every day while you prepare for that exam.
Do you feel a little subdued and with low self-esteem? Try the breath of fire, a few minutes a day … you will see that you will feel like a lion again.
You can work with your energy and your chakras for any circumstance.
Isn’t it fascinating?
At this level yoga becomes a true initiate path and it is necessary to have a competent guide to follow.
If you are interested in delving into this incredible path of knowledge, let’s stay connected. The AumTantraYoga “Teacher Training Course” will start in November. A whole month of practical and theoretical study, on a beautiful tropical Mexican beach, an experience of profound inner transformation for your personal growth and, who knows … one day … to be able to teach it to others.
If you are fed up with the “gymnastics” approach of the millions of yoga classes you find around the world and you’re ready to discover the profound dimension that yoga has to teach, then our academy is for you.
Visit the page https://aumtantrayoga.com/services/yoga-teacher-training-coursewww.aumtantrayoga.com

Lack of vitality? How to recharge your yogic battery

Lack of vitality? How to recharge your yogic battery

Do you often feel tired, dull or weak? Do you often get sick? Do you have enough energy for long lovemaking or tend to lose your drive early on?
These are all signs that your vitality, your basic life energy, is low.
Since tantra is a path of energy, it’s extremely important to run on full power. Vitality is important to feel good and stay healthy, but also so you can practice tantric lovemaking and powerful sublimation.
The yogic tradition provides a clear understanding of where this raw vital force comes from and how we can amplify it. Keep reading to learn cultivate your vitality and enjoy more energy, health and spiritual power.

Let’s meet muladhara chakra

Muladhara chakra is known as the “root chakra,” the psycho-energetic center connected to the earth element within a human being. Located at the base of the spine, it provides vitality and stability, like a battery powering the rest of your system.
Some people are born with a great muladhara: lots of vitality all the time! Some not. So it goes.
But if your muladhara isn’t natural strong, you can develop it with hatha yoga. There are asanas, pranayama techniques and other practices that will build up your root chakra and allow you to channel more vital energy through your being.
Men are more prone to a weak muladhara, so tantric men will work a lot on this chakra to develop the raw power needed for sexual practice.
So as a yogi, muladhara chakra is where you look first whenever there’s a lack of vitality. Besides the yogic approach, through asana and pranayama, here are some areas to consider:

Connection with the earth

Nothing replenishes the earth element in your being like connection with the actual earth.
Most people in Western countries these days live in a way that’s very cut off from this basic energy source. Living in apartment buildings, getting around in cars, walking with rubber and concrete between our feet and Mother Earth…
So get out there in nature. Touch the ground with your bare feet. Lie down in the sand. Find somewhere quiet and sit naked on the dirt. That’s right, put your root chakra right on the ground! The Earth will always replenish us, it’s her gift.


Muladhara chakra loves food. Are you eating enough? And more importantly, are you eating the right things?
So much food today is actually not nourishing at all. Packaged, processed food is not only bad for your body, it’s deficient in prana (life-force). No matter how many chips you eat, you never feel satisfied, right? That’s because they aren’t giving you any of the vital energy you really need.
Eating a balanced plant-based diet of simple, whole foods will do wonders for your vitality. Get plenty of raw fruits and veggies, since these contain the most prana. Avoid overcooking and leftovers, where the prana is depleted.
Root vegetables in particular can support in recharging muladhara, your own root.


Sleep is essential for your vitality. If you skimp on sleep (especially if your astrological sign is air or your Ayurvedic constitution is vata dosha), this feeling of vigor and wellbeing is the first thing to go.
It is of course important to get enough sleep, but even more important to sleep in periods that correspond to your sleep cycles. Each cycle is roughly 90 minutes, varying by individual. Waking up in the middle of a cycle will leave you more tired than if you had woken up between cycles, even if it means getting up an hour earlier.
It also matters when you sleep. Going to sleep before 10pm is ideal, since during this time kapha energy (nourishing earth/water energy) is predominant. After 10pm, the energy goes to pitta (fire/water), more active and using up energy rather than replenishing it, and to vata (air/ether) late in the night.
This is why many creative people love the night – so much mental openness and creativity! – but it’s healthier to tap into the revitalizing kapha field when possible.

Stagnant energy

Sometimes a feeling of heaviness or tiredness isn’t caused by a lack of vital energy, but by the fact that your vital energy isn’t moving.
Energy stuck in the lower chakras, especially muladhara, can bring a sense of inertia. You’ll see this often in people with a lot of vitality (especially earth signs) but without so much of the fire element. This is just part of the nature of the earth element: solid, heavy, immovable… both its charm and its challenge!
The solution is to bring the fire! Working on manipura chakra, connected to the fire element, turns up the heat in your system and gets everything moving. It’s the element of dynamism and transformation, that will burn all that heavy energy and turn it into activity or send it upwards to the higher chakras. (Hence why it’s so important in tantric yoga.)
Asanas for manipura and sublimation practices like uddiyana bandha or nauli kriya are perfect for this.


Another possibility not related to muladhara is that your lack of vitality is actually a lack of enthusiasm.
Can you remember a time in your life when you were all fired up about some project? You maybe had so much passion to channel into it, you almost didn’t need to rest at all to feel vitalized and full of energy.
So if now you’re feeling dull, check if there isn’t something more significant missing in your life – some greater cause that moves and motivates you.
That greater cause doesn’t have to be saving the world all by yourself. It’s whatever sparks a fire in your heart, whatever gives you a reason to feel joy getting out of bed in the morning. Each of us has our own dharma, our own role to play in this great drama of life.
These days, when most of the world is on standby, it’s a better time than ever to look inwards and discover your most authentic calling. When you’re following this, you’ll always have the energy you need. It’s like instead of running off you own little battery, you plug yourself straight into the power source.

If you want to dive deep into the authentic teaching of taditional hatha yoga take a look at our 4 weeks Yoga Immersion Teacher Training Course starting November 18th in Mexico.

Real Yoga in modern time

Real Yoga in modern time

In recent years we have witnessed a “boom” of Yoga around the world.
If once it was necessary to go to India on the banks of the river Ganges to find a teacher and learn the discipline, nowadays intensive yoga and training courses for teachers are found in almost all latitudes of the planet.
But has the quality of the teachings of Yoga been maintained in this “globalization” of a discipline so ancient and profound?
The answer is unfortunately, no.
In most cases, what is left of the ancient esoteric and spiritual path of Yoga is nothing but a complex series of stretches for muscles and ligaments. These give a healthy and elastic body, a deep sense of relaxation and therefore well-being. But is this Yoga? Bodily health and calmness of the mind?
The answer is again: No!
Don’t get me wrong – flexibility and health of the physical body is a great thing. Yet this aspect is only the tip of the iceberg in the way of Yoga. A positive side-effect that improves quality of life. This is very good but there’s a lot more to discover.
Yoga is the in-depth study of the energetic structure of human nature. This includes a dense network of energy channels and Chakras (energy centers) in which energy flows, or can become blocked. With various techniques including positions, breathing, mantra repetitions, visualizations and meditation, these energy channels are purified and opened in a progressive way so as to be able to sustain higher levels of energy. When the system is perfectly optimized, the energy can flow to the upper chakras to achieve the expansion of consciousness.
In fact, Yogic teachings maintain that most human beings use only a limited part of their potential, and for this reason their level of consciousness remains at a certain level. But human potentiality can be amplified, and anyone who steps on the path of an authentic practice of Yoga can experience it. The levels of vitality, intelligence, intuition, ability to love, personal power etc. are amplified even after a few months of intense practice.
And yet, this too is not the ultimate goal of Yoga.

In Yoga, as in of any spiritual practice, the purpose is to discover the true, universal, Divine nature of one’s being.
Yoga maintains that it is possible for every person to experience this. To feel and sense themselves as inseparable from the universe itself, as eternal and immortal consciousness. This is a mystical experience, a state of recognition of the universal nature of the True Self. Often it is accompanied by a sense of pure ecstasy, a beatific pleasure that infuses being and that brings a beneficial treasure on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
How? The pathway is in bringing our mental attention inward. We learn, with training, to focus the mind in a single point until the discursive flow of the mind ceases. With mental peace it flows to channel our energies upwards, towards the higher chakras, opening the gates of consciousness.
Recognizing the universal nature of one’s self is the real purpose of the Yogic discipline. This is why the word Yoga means “Union”, that is the union of one’s individual microcosm with the Universal Macrocosm.

We understand that this is much more than the physical discipline that is often found in gyms and Yoga centers around the world – even in our our homes, thanks to the internet. In fact, while on the one hand the knowledge of Yoga has become more accessible, on the other hand this ancient wisdom practice has been emptied of its depth reduced to a form of physical, toning gymnastics.
I have been practicing Yoga for more than 25 years. In those years I have studied in various parts of the world and also in the homeland of Yoga, India. But for a decade of my research I found only masters who instructed me in a re-elasticizing and toning physical practice but which brought very superficial effects on my being. The mind swiftly resumed its agitated conversation, the fears were always the same and it didn’t really seem to me to get a deep transformation.
When I met the authentic and esoteric teachings of Yoga, I immediately understood that what I had practiced up until that moment was only a superficial aspect and that much more was waiting for me. With enthusiasm I threw myself into the study of the energy aspects of Yoga, for years and years my life was marked by an intense practice of 4-5 hours a day on the Yoga mat.
Gradually I began to perceive the inner changes that this produced, I refined my ability to channel energy towards the high chakras allowing the consciousness to always vibrate in a very subtle way. I started using my energies in a much more constructive way. Some changes in life happened naturally, in diet, in work, in my social life and in my relationship with my partner.

A different approach to existence has completely transformed my way of perceiving the world and life. Where there was anxiety, now there is much more expansion, where there was fear now there is so much peace.

Amita Helga Albini – Aum Tantra Yoga

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