Tantric Sexuality

Sexual energy is the basic energy, the initial primary force behind the functioning of the human being, the creative ability, intellectual ability, the emotional potential, strength of will, spiritual aspiration. Tantra allows integration of sexuality in the evolution of personal and spiritual, teaches how to conserve and use this energy base, providing a method of evolution through the couple’s relationship….learn more

Nidra Yoga, Lucid Dreams and Astral Projections

Yoga Nidra is a form of conscious yogic sleep in which the nervous system, the bioenergetic structure, are in a superior state of relaxation…in this two day intensive seminar, in addition to the theoretical lectures, you will learn a number of practical exercises to induce lucid dreams until you get to real out of body experience during the waking state, the so-called “astral projections”…learn more

The Art of Counscious Death and Dying

In our culture death has always been considered a difficult topic to deal with, surrounded by silence and fear. The knowledge of the death process is crucial to sustaining another person during the passage and for our own evolution since death is one the most important moments for the soul’s spiritual evolution and future destiny…learn more

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