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tantra chakra chart showed in teacher training courses drawing of man sitting in meditative posture chakras alignedTeacher Training Courses of Aum Tantra Yoga are exclusive academic programs where you can deepen your knowledge in the extraordinary vastness of Tantra Yoga. This path represents an incredible way of personal growth at the physical, mental and spiritual levels of your existence, a life-changing experience for your evolution.AumTantraYoga will take you hand by hand through the ancient knowledge of Tantra and allow the learning and experimentation of this system, for your personal evolution and for being able to transmit to others so that you can teach with perseverance, passion, and devotion.
It is a theoretical and practical method that will allow you to acquire the necessary experience to deepen the secrets of this millennial tradition, providing a path in different steps:

  • Yoga TTC 200hr.  This Teacher Training Course includes 4 weeks of intensive training based on the Traditional Hatha Yoga, focused on perception and use of the energies, through the broad spectrum analysis of the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual effects of the centers of force (Chakras)…learn more
  • Tantra TTC 200hr.  This life-changing Tantra Teacher Training Course will take you on a journey through Traditional Tantra with modern approaches, a perfect blend of Kashmir Shaivism, non-dual Tantra together with some modern sexology and psychology…learn more
  • Advanced Tantra TTC 100hr.  This additional 2 weeks of advanced tantric practices will open the doors to some of the secrets of Tantra to reach higher states of consciousness…learn more

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