Tantra is an ancient Eastern spiritual path that uses sexual energy as a means of self-awareness.

In the West there has been some confusion about Tantra and sex, it is generally believed that this practice only serves to increase sexual performance and pleasure of the senses.

Tantra, indeed, can be approached as a personal journey to learn how to live fully through sexuality, remove energy blocks that limits the pleasure and dramatically improve the sexual relationship of the couple, but this result is not the ultimate goal but a means of.

The pleasure becomes the tool with which to obtain the condition of expansion of consciousness, a particular state called in the East “meditation.” Therefore Tantra is a spiritual path in which meditation is the main element. Meditation and Tantra are essentially the same thing.

When the sexual union between a man and a woman could be defined as “tantric” there must be the specific commitment by both partners to open up to a “transpersonal” dimension, where the individual ceases to take into account as himself to personify the concept of women or men in the cosmic sense.

Every woman, then, embodies the “universal female” energy manifests of creation, the Divine Mother, while every man is the “universal male”, the unmanifest, Shiva. This process is achieved through the ritual of “transfiguration” in which the partners sit opposite each other, connected by their hands and their eyes, recognizing into other the divine spark that is in every human being.

During the dance of the transcendent sexual union, “the cosmic feminine” and the “cosmic masculine” gather up to be a single entity, united and interconnected so deeply as to become one, up to experience “the totality of what makes one.” For the Tantra the “Ultimate Truth”, the Illumination, lies in this Totality. We can therefore say that Tantra is a path to enlightenment.

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