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For many women, sexuality is one of the most difficult aspects of femininity to explore.
Sex can be our best ally and an inexhaustible source of life energy and creativity—or it can become our most threatening shadow, blocking our breath, weighing down the mind and blocking the potential of our female manifestation.
Women who have a good relationship with their body and fully experience pleasure are usually bright, radiant, shining with their own light. They give themselves to the world just as they give themselves in bed.
Sexual energy is the fundamental energy of humanity and has enormous power. For this reason, it has always been suppressed with tons of modesty and shame, creating a sort of dissociation between sexual potential and conscious levels of women’s minds. The result is that even today, forty years after the sexual revolution of the sixties, there are many women who have never experienced an orgasm or at most have had an external and superficial one of less than two seconds.
The worst thing is that there is still an incredible ignorance regarding the subject of female sexuality and the psycho-physical wellbeing that it entails.
Eastern cultures for millennia have taught of the close connection between sexual energy and the potential of every human being. Not only that, but in the discipline of Tantra, teachers for centuries have spoken of the link between orgasmic sexual experiences and states of expansion of consciousness, opening a solid bridge between sexuality and spirituality.
The experience of orgasm in women can be profound and satisfying, leaving behind a true sense of satisfaction and emotional nourishment, while at other times it can be a superficial, fast, irritating experience that leaves a sense of frustration.

  • Clitoral pleasure is very similar to male pleasure: external and therefore easily accessible, it involves only the lower chakras (svadhistana, the second chakra) and does not require emotional involvement. Many women, in fact, are afraid of getting in touch with their emotions, exploring the meanders of the inner realm involves a certain amount of vulnerability that can be frightening.
  • Vaginal orgasm, on the other hand, is an incredibly deep and liberating experience, bringing wellbeing to a woman on all her levels of being. It is an orgasm that touches the soul. The energy rises towards the higher chakras, the mind frees itself from all thoughts to make room for an ocean of inner peace, the boundaries of one’s being expand and the energy field increases. The tantric orgasm is an extraordinary experience that can open to out-of-body experiences and ecstasy.

It is important to know, however, that every woman (absolutely every woman!) can have access to deeper and more satisfying levels of pleasure. All that lies between her and this state is finding the courage to explore and get to know her own body and sexual potential that it holds.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of confusion and ignorance on the subject. If you rely on incomplete sources of information, a woman can spend her life thinking that she is a “clitoral woman” and cannot do anything about it. Tantra, on the other hand, teaches that all women can experience internal orgasm, through a path of awareness of the body and its blocks on a mental and emotional level.

In most cases, the only reason why a woman does not feel pleasure inside the vagina is the lack of connection between the brain and the vaginal wall. As you begin to bring awareness to the area and explore the range of sensations that the vaginal wall can reveal, you will gradually achieve a decisive increase in sensitivity.

  • Are you not satisfied with your sexuality and would you like to open yourself to deeper and more fulfilling levels of pleasure?
  • Do you want to improve the relationship with your body and with your pleasure?
  • Did you have a baby or did you go through menopause?


Woman’s pelvic floor health

Do you know that the pelvic floor is essential for women’s health?
Do you know that the condition of your pelvic floor affects your sexuality?
We women place so much emphasis on the musculature of the body to look beautiful and fit, but we rarely take care of the pelvic floor musculature. In fact, this muscular structure plays a fundamental role because it has the delicate task of supporting the organs inside the pelvis, maintaining urinary continence, actively participating in the birth process and playing a fundamental role in sexuality!
Women’s health also resides in the energy of this intimate part of our body.
Despite its importance, awareness of this part of the body is usually very low.


Did you know?

• A soft and elastic pelvic floor tears less during childbirth and recovers much faster in the postpartum phase
• A resistant perineum is the best prevention against incontinence and prolapse
• The intimate muscles are directly involved in sexual pleasure and internal orgasm
Taking care of the vaginal muscles improves the quality of your life as a woman in many respects, from physical health to sexual and therefore psychological well-being.

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For Men

The Conscious Masculinity

awakened men standing smiling after tantric online coursesIn recent years, we have seen an awakening of awareness about the conscious male.
In this modern era where times change at the speed of light, the old masculine model inherited from our fathers and grandparents often does not relate to us, but at the same time, it is not easy to find a male archetype that deeply touches our soul. Modern men have gone through a profound crisis in the modernization of our society, lacking the proof of strength, the rites of passage of the ancient tribal civilizations. The comfortable life of the technological age deprives us of that deep contact with nature that has nourished our nature as a wild man since archaic times.

Women then made a quantum leap starting from the sixties and the feminist movements, finding the courage to take back their own power, and we men were completely blown away.

Tantric man sitting in meditative position surrounded by candles teaching tantric online coursesModern women complain of the lack of a ‘strong’ masculine, not strength in muscles but in the capacity for ‘presence’, in the state of ’emotional centering’, stable rocks even in the midst of a storm.
In yoga and Tantra, the tendency to flow, abandon oneself and let oneself be carried is attributed to the feminine, while to the masculine the ability to direct, control and channel energy. Two absolutely complimentary qualities, both universally and in our personal inner universe. And even more in the couple!
Stability, presence, and centering are the characteristics cultivated by the Tantric man, which attribute that inner strength so desired by any woman.
Emotional stability is by no means stiffness or hardness, on the contrary, is that inner security that allows us to explore the fearless emotional realms with softness and sensitivity.
It is the opposite of machismo.

A man who needs to flex his muscles to feel strong, who gives in to physical or emotional hardness, actually shows a ‘core’ of undeniable fragility that is exactly the opposite of what a man in the path of awareness wants to cultivate.
The route we propose is inspired by the ancient way of Tantra but proposed in a modern key for today’s man.
A path that starts from the sphere of sexuality to expands far beyond, to all areas of our life: the vitality of the body, the way of thinking, the emotional balance and, above all, the spiritual direction, so often lacking in the education of modern times. A holistic path, therefore, aims to raise the awareness of modern man.
We firmly believe that only by finding the perfect harmony between masculine and feminine, within every human being and also in relationships, can we build a better world.

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      Hi Andrew, the Tantric Man course will be available for spring 2022. Thank you for your patience.

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