Nidra Yoga, Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projections Workshop

Nidra Yoga is a form of conscious yogic sleep in which the nervous system, the bioenergetic structure, are in a superior state of relaxation…

Only the awareness of being remains awake, silent and ultra vigilant, without thoughts or images. This gives you a state of calmness and lucidity that leads to the gathering and reconciliation of the constituent structures of the person. These Yoga Nidra techniques are excellent for people who are overworked or stressed because they allow a strong recovery of energy by dissipating any psychic blockage.

woman lucid dreaming at Nidra Yoga workshop

In this way, being gradually free of all that prevents him from living in a complete state of harmony rather than fear, inhibition or shame. A costant Yoga Nidra’s practitioner will discover a new source of energy and an unexpected way of achieving real psychosomatic relaxation. The inner life spontaneously begins to improve, without any effort it gets more calmness, relax, courage without aggression, without any need for self-control. In the upper stages of practice, free from emotions, there is a great joy of existence, lightness and luminosity.

Through constant practice, our true nature replaces the false and illusory ego and dissolves the dissonant aspects of our personality. The constant training to relaxation teaches you to live fully and completely in the present. When this occurs, there are no more thoughts to the past or the future because we are dealing with the new experience of living in every moment of life.

This ability to live intensely in the present moment is the only basis for any spiritual growth, the inner silence is reached and one’s own essence goes down to the essence. The latent superior intelligence in every human being now has the chance to manifest itself. In this two day intensive astral projections workshop, in addition to the theoretical lectures, you will learn a number of practical exercises to induce lucid dreams until you get to real out of body experience during the waking state.

The first purpose of these practices is to experience the existence of subtle bodies and thus to prove that you are not only flesh and bones, and then mastery of our etheric structure for personal and spiritual evolution towards enlightment; through gradual detachment from the physical body, we are preparing to face the last great journey out of the physical body in the process of death. Practices for dealing with death in a conscious manner are subsequently dealt with in the workshop The Art of Counsciuos Death and Dying.


Topics Covered in the Workshop:

  • Deep relaxation techniques
  • How to develop presence and awareness
  • Lucid dream induction techniques
  • 7 levels of matter/energy
  • The 5 bodies of humans
  • Sleep/wake states
  • Different forms of consciousness and brain waves
  • Astral Projections
    …and much more

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