“Seek not only one way”

– from “The Light on the Path” by Yogi Ramacharaka –

This aphorism jumped out at me today forcefully…

When one embarks on a path of growth and evolution, when the practice begins to acquire a certain intensity and peak experiences start to manifest, it is easy to begin to think that you have found the only true and possible path towards ultimate realization.

Here we risk falling into tunnel vision and narrow mindedness similar to that of many religions; into the idea of “only my God, nothing else but this way”.

Unwittingly we use fanaticism or our spiritual ego to feel superior or above others for having found “the way”.

“The ways of the Lord are infinite”

The paths to reach the summit, (I’m referring to the state of cosmic union, Samadhi, Satori that every authentic spiritual path should yearn for), are many.

Yogi Ramacharaka comments: “Do not brand as false any other teaching other than the one you have chosen. There are many ways to arrive at the Truth”.

You cannot know what inhabits another’s heart, only they know the longing of their soul.

The spiritual ego results in us feeling superior and is most definitely an obstacle in our spiritual evolution.

Even individuals with seemingly simple lives and low levels of education can have an intimate and deep connection with the mysteries of the Universe. You cannot know for certain, so reserve your judgement!

“To each monk his own path”

Each of us has a particular energetic, mental and cultural predisposition. Finding a path suited to your own temperament makes for more effortless progress.

This is why spiritual paths cannot all be the same. Because human nature manifests itself in an infinite number of ways with different characteristics based on astrological, physiological, social, and family conditioning.

     • For more rational minds the path of mental understanding and metaphysics, can help to explain the Ultimate Truth with the sharp and perfect logic of reason.

     • For the bravest hearts, the path of devotion where the passion of the heart does not allow itself be held back by the rules of the mind is more befitting. This is the path of bhakti, intense love, and deep adoration of the Divine.

     • For stronger bodies, it is the path of physical practices, from Hatha yoga to martial arts, long pilgrimages and all the practices that offer the body something grander.

     • For the more passionate and the brave it is the way of Tantra, because while sexual energy is a powerful tiger to tame, it is also one that can take you to the summit faster.

     • For those with a well-developed fifth chakra, it is the way of sacred texts. To these individuals even the cryptically written words of masters not understood by the many are effortlessly revealed.  An understanding channelled directly from akasha.

     • Then there is the way of selfless service, karma yoga, for those who have an abundance of energy and struggle to sit in meditation.  They can use this strength in service to others in the form of action consecrated to the absolute, without a trace of ego.

     • For some seekers it is not possible to confine the universal consciousness to a particular sacred image, deity, Indian statue or to that of Jesus.  History has shown us that there are mystics of many different religions of the world, who have experienced a perennial state of mystical ecstasy simply praying to a statue.

     • For other types of minds, it is necessary to remove any form, name, or concept.  Only in this total freedom is the recognition of the infinite and eternal, (which is our very nature), possible.

The Ultimate Truth

The ways for the recognition of the True Self are endless. It is not possible to think that one way is better than another.

That wisdom can dwell in the depths of every human being, even in those who to our eyes seem the most miserable and contemptible.

Every trace of judgment keeps us in the domain of duality, of good and evil, and distances us from the Ultimate Truth.

Cultivate the humility of not knowing more than anyone else, continuing to practice with all your fervor.

Like a child completely immersed in the game in total purity and innocence.

This is the only way, the one that includes them all.

Because the Truth is One. 

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