Real Tantra or another trap of patriarchy?

The path of energy

I have always been attracted to Tantra since I was very young.

I have attended Tantra schools in Italy and around the world for almost 30 years.

I love the philosophy behind the teachings of Tantra, the meditation, the cosmic vision of existence in which everything is interconnected and everything is divine, starting from the body, which is our temple.

Tantra is the path of energy, the path of learning to awaken kundalini and make it rise along the spinal column until you experience that cosmic expansion.

When I learned that sexuality can also lead to the same mystical revelation, that orgasmic force is a real portal that expands your subtle bodies to the point of ecstasy, then everything became clear to me.

The great misunderstanding

Tantra passes through sex, includes it, embraces it as one of the infinite manifestations of our being.

Perhaps the most powerful and engaging one.

But Tantra is not just sex!

This is the great misunderstanding that has contaminated the word “Tantra”, so much that sometimes even those who teach it prefer to call it something else.

The truth of the matter is that the Tantra of our times, what is now called Neo-Tantra, has completely confused the end with the means!

Yes, it’s true: a certain amount of work on the lower chakras is necessary to release the power of Eros, because most human beings only partially experience this potential, due to millennia of socio-cultural repression.

  • Men are so uneducated on how to handle this power they have between their legs, which by its very nature is very explosive, uncontrollable, and difficult to manage (if you don’t believe it, open today’s newspaper and read the news to understand that we are still in prehistory).
  • The woman, on the other hand, due to her receptive nature, carries personal and collective traumatic memories in the depths of her vagina, her own memories and those of her ancestors. We are talking about millennia of repression and violence, which will require just as many millennia to purify.

Why is female sensuality flaunted?

So yes, to teach tantric sexuality it is useful and necessary to start from, let’s say, genital work, to free Eros from limitations and taboos.

But this is only the preparation of the true path of Tantra, and here we find the misunderstanding.

(Be warned, what I’m about to say may be provocative…)

  • To be tantric, it is not enough to carry the flag of free sexuality, to be polyamorous, to go to temple nights where everyone makes love to everyone.
  • Don’t think you embody the tantric woman because you always dress super sexy, do pole-dancing in lingerie, or shake like Shakira at ecstatic dance.

Too often I see tantric environments with an ostentatious hyper-sexualized feminine, girls who must be sexy at all costs, because “they are tantric” or because they claim to be “sexually free women”. The more sensual you are, the more free you are.

In reality what my eyes see is a feminine who flaunts all this sensuality to please the masculine. To be seen, to be the most beautiful and the most attractive.

Because a woman is a body, it is based on the beauty of her body with criteria imposed by society. And so we are there, all of us, using all our strength to conform to this model of beauty, to be appreciated by men.

To be seen by dad in an Oedipal process that has never been resolved.

Is this really the sexual freedom longed for by every woman in the world?

Does this really help us take hold of all our feminine power and honor this life as a woman to the fullest?

The real tantric woman

Embracing the path of Tantra does not at all mean having to give up being beautiful and sensual, unlike what happens in ascetic spiritual paths.

Tantric women take great care of their appearance, but not to please the male.

The tantrika adorns her body like a Goddess because she knows that every woman is the embodiment of the Divine Mother, the cosmic feminine.

She offers her beauty to the world with the purity of a flower that gives its scent to anyone who wants to enjoy it.

She exudes beauty so that we can see the perfection of creation.

She does not need to attract attention and be recognized by the male, because she has healed the wound of the “unseen” child.

She knows her points of light and her shadow areas, and she knows that mountains, deserts, oceans, galaxies are contained in her being.

She knows how to break the banks and release that orgasmic ocean that expands in all directions from the bottom of her body, leaving her in a state of cosmic love with which her heart overflows for everything.

As a great cosmic Mother, she loves every living creature as if it were born from her own womb.

She doesn’t need the masculine to feel complete. At the same time, she recognizes that divine spark in every man’s eyes; she completely abandons herself to the cosmic dance between masculine and feminine.

The path of Tantra

The path of Tantra is a deep journey within yourself and through the mysteries of the Universe.

It requires courage, determination, a lot of practice, and a guide who knows how to lead you hand in hand.

So you won’t be confused by often superficial modern surrogates of Tantra.

So you won’t get lost in the world of the senses, the body, and pleasure; which are only the means and not the end.

So you won’t use Tantra to justify attachments and weaknesses of spirit, promiscuity and vice; because Tantra is anything but this.

If you feel the call to undertake the path of Tantra in all its power and depth, if your desire is truly authentic and comes from the bottom of your soul, then you are ready!

Our month-long intensive course is a true initiation. You will immerse yourself body and soul in the authentic teachings of Tantra to emerge completely transformed.

And we are so happy to take you on this journey, because after 20 years of practice and 10 of teaching, we really feel ready to support you, and this is our mission in life.

So to find out more click below! We wait for you!


Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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