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This video course is dedicated to all the women who want to start a journey towards a deeper and more fulfilling sexuality.

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The sexual power of a woman is much stronger than that of a man. It is much more mysterious, profound, engaging, and frees such a huge amount of energy—more than a man could even imagine.

Any woman (and I mean any woman), can experience a real atomic implosion every time she opens to deep orgasm. This can be a truly liberating, healthy, and mystical experience. The vaginal orgasm is absolutely an implosive experience.

The energy does not disperse externally as in the male ejaculatory orgasm but floods the subtle bodies in an upward push, freeing the energy meridians and recharging the upper chakras. For this reason, tantra gives so much importance to orgasmic experience. Deep orgasm can be a real energetic practice that expands the boundaries of your being and opens up to beatific states.

The orgasmic experience is highly healthy for women. It loosens physical tensions, pacifies the mind and therefore emotions, and can open up to a cosmic dimension of existence. Unfortunately, very few women regularly experience deep orgasm. Female sexual energy, probably due to its great power, has been repressed by millennia of taboos and male-oriented cultural values.

How our sexual energy can be blocked

Over the years, this has caused ​​a real dissociation from our incredible source of feminine energy, vitality, and creativity that can be brought to all areas of our lives. The path of liberation of sexual energy affects women in all aspects of their existence. If you have a tendency to accumulate tension when it comes to the way you perceive your body and your pleasure, your overall energy may be blocked and restricting you from shining to your full potential.

If you are among the 80% of women who focus sexual pleasure only on the external erogenous points (the clitoris) and you have not yet found the way to open up to something deeper and more satisfying, you have to know first, that you are not the only one! But let me say one thing: the internal orgasm can be learned, and it is not overly difficult to do so. There are many things you can do to release this very powerful energy, all women can open to this and become incredibly, deeply, magically multi-orgasmic.

Benefits of a liberated orgasmic life

This will not only make your sex life truly spectacular, whether you are alone or have a partner. This is only one aspect. Unleashing this enormous potential of energy that you have in the depths of your body will make you feel incredibly powerful, centered, free, rebellious, sweet, loving, absolutely radiant, and magnetic. You will feel healthy and strong. Deeply calm and in deep contact with yourself. Oh yes! This is a promise!

Sexual energy is so powerful and engaging that, when you release it, it floods your whole being, the body, the mind, and up to the soul. This is the reason why tantra devotes so much energy to this aspect of our human nature. Channeling this very powerful force towards the high chakras for spiritual evolution will accelerate your practice, whatever it is. Orgasm is a moment when the ego ceases to exist. It becomes possible to recognize oneself for the divine and universal beings that we truly are.

What you can find in this course

Each one including various theory lessons and practical exercises for a total of 16 lessons.

When we talk about the body and the energy that it can release, it is not enough to talk about it theoretically—that belongs to the mind. To experience all that you will learn, I have prepared a series of guided exercises that we will do together. You will follow my instructions during the lesson and then repeat them several times during the week to gain confidence.

We will begin by releasing the tensions from your yoni. You can do it alone or ask your partner to support you, respecting your pace and your feelings.
We will work in a space of sweet loving-kindness, through deep breathing and relaxation.

You will learn to give so much love to your vagina so that she can truly open up and release all the energy she is capable of. You will learn to approach your body as a temple of love—a sacred space and source of life.

We will involve not only the area of ​​the vagina but the whole area of ​​the pelvis. You will learn to expand your pleasure to levels never experienced before—your whole body can become a source of ecstasy!

30 minutes of very relaxing guided yoga practice dedicated to the genital and pelvis area. You will receive a video in which you will learn intimate gymnastic exercises that are useful for toning your pelvic floor (also to be done with the yoni egg if you have one). There will also be a series of exercises to strip back the layers of armor around the hips, pelvis, and vagina, which is essential for an orgasmic life.

You can use this video for your daily practice. I recommend thirty minutes dedicated to you where you can comfortably be in your own presence and reconnect with yourself. Put on comfortable clothes and take off your shoes, find a relaxing space in the house, turn the lights down and turn on the screen to follow along with the exercises.

They are simple, relaxing, and effective for softening the pelvis, the buttocks, and the hips, to increase the toning of your vagina and increase elasticity.

Are you ready to unleash your orgasmic life?


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