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Tantra Immersion Online

02/11/2024 – 23/11/2024
This exclusive 3 weeks online program is tailor-made to help you embark on the path of Tantra. A real life-changing initiation that will open up new horizons, alone or as a couple.
Marco and Amita

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Our masterclasses are designed to be a comprehensive introduction to Tantra. Through absorbing these teachings, you will obtain practical tools to apply to enrich your life.  

Men and women follow complementary paths to embark on this journey toward a truly empowered and conscious, balanced masculine and feminine.

Recorded Courses

Deep Tantric Teachings

Orgasmic Life

This video course is dedicated to all the women who want to start a journey towards a deeper and more fulfilling sexuality…

You will get a series of practical exercises and guided self-exploration to unleash all your juicy feminine power. You will fall in love with your body, to nurture the connection with yourself and with all the beauty, radiance, and power that resides within you.

Journey through the Chakras and Elements

Earth, Water, Fire, and Air are the elements we are made of as human beings, they make up our physical and energetic structure. 

The elements are deeply connected to the first 4 chakras and through them they affect the body, energy, the quality of mind.

Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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