Online Hatha Yoga classes

• Are you curious to try one of our yoga classes?
• Are you thinking of enrolling in one of our Teacher Training and want to try a lesson?
• Do you already know the practice we propose and want to deepen and continue practicing with us?

From now on you can practice with us every Sunday at 6 PM Central European Time. From the comfort of your home, with our dear Michael, expert teacher of the hatha yoga method that we also offer in our Teacher Trainings.
Michael is very loved by students, he is a very devoted yogi and his personal practice is very stable and profound. From that depth, he will help you immerse yourself in asanas and pranayama practice, concentration, meditation, etc.

With these classes you will experience:

• Starting from the physical body: how to dissolve physical tensions, obtain elasticity of the body, tone the internal organs, oxygenate the tissues, balance your hormonal levels, etc …
• How to master your energy, purify your body-mind system to achieve a perfect inner balance
• How to activate the chakras through the various postures so as to activate all your potential at the highest level: vitality, creativity, willpower, unconditional love, deep intuition, intelligence, and last but not least, spiritual elevation. In short, a real buster for all areas of your life
• Finding that space of mental peace that is so rejuvenating for us human beings
• Expansion of states of consciousness and revelation of the Self

The weekly lessons are suitable for everyone, beginners or experts, as everyone will approach the practice according to their level. The class will last for one hour and half.

What is needed:
• A quiet and peaceful environment in which to practice
• A yoga mat (or blanket) and a pillow
• A stable internet connection and a device to connect with Zoom
• An attitude appropriate to a spiritual practice

Register now to have access to the weekly yoga classes every Sunday at 6 PM Central European Time on Zoom.

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