The Tantric Man

Reach your full inner potential
  • What does it mean to be a tantric man and what can it bring to your existence?
  • What to do to give the best of yourself in this life, without wasting your energy?
  • What attributes must a man cultivate for a conscious masculine and inner strength?

Modernity is certainly not supporting male energy, often the men of our times are disconnected from nature and from other men, weakened by vital energy, lacking direction and allied by the consumer society.

We can speak of a real crisis of mature masculinity, due to the lack of adequate models, of social cohesion, or rites of passage that have always accompanied the phases of life in the past.

The teachings of Tantra offer incredible tools for a path of male awareness, an ancient way and at the same time so current and suitable for the modern man.

A path that starts from the awareness and control of your energy, in order to access the maximum potential of every man.

A path of inner strength but at the same time of great sensitivity, which focuses on a wide-open heart, a crystal clear mind and, above all, a spiritual direction.

Tantra teaches to control and channel even the very powerful sexual energy, which becomes the fuel for the process of growth and evolution.

In short, a complete journey that involves all aspects of your life, physical, energetic, mental-emotional and, last but not least, spiritual.

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The Tantric Woman

Unleash your feminine potential
  • Do you know that all women, absolutely all, can learn to open up to vaginal orgasm?
  • Do you know that your sexuality can be an incredible source of energy, vitality, beauty and enthusiasm for life?
  • Do you know that sexual energy can be used for your growth and evolution on a spiritual level as well?

Amita is a senior tantra teacher who teaches free masterclasses Sexuality can be an inexhaustible source of energy and vitality or block a woman’s potential, not only in bed but also in life.

The female sexual energy is incredibly more powerful than the male one, magical and mysterious but at the same time complex and often the woman is completely alone in this journey with her body and with pleasure.

And if we want to put in thousands of years of socio-cultural and religious repression, the result is that even today, many women do not fully embrace their potential, both in life and in bed.

The path of Tantra teaches how to use sexual energy to activate all the chakras and open up to the best of us, even on a spiritual level. But to do this it is necessary to free the woman’s energy from social conditioning, taboos, energy blocks and traumas.

This 1hr course is dedicated to you, dear friend, and to all women in the world. Because true beauty is what a happy woman emanates, it comes from within and has nothing to do with the measurements of a perfect body or expensive clothes.

Learn to love your body as it is, feel good in your own skin in bed and in life, and connect with that incredible inner strength that every woman possesses.

Learn to open up to that portentous sexual energy that every woman can release and transform it into pure potential to be brought into all areas of life, from vitality to creativity, from intelligence to the ability to love and not least spiritual aspiration.

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Journey through Chakras and Elements

Discover the infinite potential of Tantra Yoga


Earth, Water, Air and Fire dance constantly in our being as well as throughout the Universe.

The elements influence human nature at all levels, from the structure of the physical body to the quality of our energy, to the way we think, perceive life and love.

Obviously, sexuality is also influenced by a certain element rather than another, in the totality of our being.

Tantra takes you on a real journey of self-knowledge through the world of elements and chakras. An ancient language and at the same time so modern and current to sum up your nature, your strengths and your challenges and in particular a new way to interpret your sexual energy, so powerful and overwhelming but often lived in a totally unconscious way.

Let us take you on this inner journey, let’s explore together how the elements dance in your being, when the activation of the chakras is harmonious or when, instead, an imbalance is manifested.

We explore the different expressions of love according to the chakras and the elements, a truly unique vision of the sexual energy that can be really transformative.

In this masterclass, we, Amita and Marco will take you hand in hand in this deep exploration of your energy, click below, we are waiting for you.

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