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About The Workshops

Our programs are authentic initiations into the world of Tantra. We will take you with us, hand-in-hand, on the path of awareness of your energy and true nature. To awaken that energy, we share practices that you can apply in your life.

Tantra imparts the precepts of sacred sexuality and conscious relationships for your growth and evolution. Here, we have created a safe container to explore the deeper aspects of your being with the proper guidance and support.

Upcoming Workshops

Tantra Yoga Teachers


30/11/2024 – 01/12/2024
Our two-day in-person workshop is designed as a real initiation into Tantra, where you will receive all the tools to start practicing, alone or with the partner.

The Tantric Relationship

A workshop dedicated to the life of the couple. How to attract a truly healthy relationship into your life, a sacred space for growth and evolution.
Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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