I wrote this article to share with you how my energy changes over time and how I deal with it.

I’m 46! Everyone says I look less, maybe that’s true. Anyway, every day I look in the mirror and see a few more wrinkles. My hormones are starting to dance and my body is probably preparing for menopause. This can be a really strong step for a woman, especially in this society where youth and beauty are almost the fundamental values ​​on which femininity is based. Old age is something to hide, to be ashamed of. “Girl, you are out of the game, you are ageing, you are no longer sexually attractive to the average modern man” with a mind bound by stereotypes, “and then you’re not worth so much”.

In this context, it must be really terrible to see your body inevitably transform, day after day. In fact, I still feel fit and sexually attractive. That’s not the point but I wanted to share with you all something that I am experiencing that is unexpectedly powerful as the years go by. When I was 20, I never thought I would feel this way at this age.

I have always been a woman with intense energy. When I was younger and full of vitality, I always felt very charged but, in a sense, I didn’t know how to channel all these energies. So I dispersed them, or I looked for a way to sedate myself: with cigarettes, for example. No one had taught me what to do with all this intensity. I was like a roaring mountain stream in which there is not so much water but it makes a lot of noise. Now I feel like a great river rolling through the plains and under bridges, vast and deep, moving great quantities of water without making a sound. Wow! It feels good.


A Sense of Security

A sense of security that came to me at a certain point, caring less about what others think. This sense of being deeply rooted in life, in existence. Yes, I can call it inner strength and it is linked to my being a woman. As I said, it has not always been there. It is the result of a great work of growth and experimentation, sometimes very painful, made up of life experiences—including failures at times, which are not true failures or rather we can say “mistakes.” These slips left bruises but I got up stronger than ever, learning day after day how to navigate this life and my own interiority, so rich and so complex.

I was once so uncompromising with myself, like a big eye inside my head was constantly judging me and I was never enough. Now, however, in the same place there is a big hug that welcomes all aspects of me, because I have known them, explored them, and I have learned to love them.

All this leaves me amazed, because it came as a surprise… Along with the wrinkles, reading glasses (yes, it’s true, I hate them), the regrowth of white hair, pre-menopause. Yet I don’t give a damn about all these things, and it’s beautiful!


How My Energy Changes Over Time: Acceptance is Key

The work of liberating my sexuality played an important role in all of this. At a certain point, something blossomed in the depths of my body. An incredible force opened up that had always been there but I didn’t know it. It’s not so much a question of sexual pleasure—it goes through pleasure and deep orgasm, sure—but there is much more. I am talking about an inner force that I contacted as the orgasmic power was released. Something that stays with me even outside the sheets.

A stable center in the bottom of the belly, in which to feel grounded, safe and powerful. An incredible feeling! From that center, everything is easier: to deal with the world, with others, relationships, events. It is easier to set limits, to know where I end and where the other begins. It is easier to act by staying aligned with my inner truth.

Remain in the heart, always and in any case, without fear of being hurt. Remain open to love despite everything. I speak of that flow of love which now flows naturally and effortlessly towards every living being. Now yes, I can give! All I have left is to give myself deeply and without reserve. Put myself in service. And that’s the only thing I really want to do.


A Call to Support Women…

I feel a very strong call to support all women who are on this journey, to inspire their steps as I have been inspired by other women I have met in my life. Help them to get in touch with their power, with their potential, because every woman who walks on this earth is equally strong and powerful.

In every woman, there is a shaman, a healer, a teacher, lying asleep. A woman of power who can transform her strength into pure love, acceptance, empathy. Healing for herself and for the whole world. This is the time to release the immense beauty of the female gender, freeing it from millennia of repression. Starting from the area of ​​sexuality, which is the most powerful.

With this premise, I invite you to my 1-hour course The Tantric Woman. I want to share with you the path that led me to release my pleasure so readily. There are so many things you can do to learn how to open up to deep orgasm and also feel your best as a woman and in your body.

We will also do a beautiful exercise together, in front of the mirror. Spread the word to your friends, to the women you love in your life because this path is highly beneficial for all of us and it is wonderful to share it. Let’s take a little time together to nourish ourselves as women. Often in this crazy society we live in, there is really too little time left for this.

Let’s give ourselves this gift… I’m waiting for you.


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