Tantric Family Constellations

What are the Benefits of Family Constellations

The first time I attended a Family Constellations session was almost 25 years ago.

Completely unaware of the type of work proposed, I found myself in a circle of people of various ages with a facilitator guiding the process. A woman brought a theme from her life, and after a few minutes, I was chosen to play the role of an aborted fetus. That woman had terminated her pregnancy and something in her life had frozen. This was my introduction to the world of Family Constellations.

The incredible thing is that, at a certain point, I was no longer that woman’s child but my own child, whom I hadn’t been able to welcome into this world.

In fact, two years earlier I too had gone through the same difficult experience of having a child in my womb. No stable sentimental history, nor a penny in my pocket, nor a steady job. I was very young, and at the end, that was the decision. The abortion.

In our modern open and free society, abortion is considered a safe practice. Well, now I can say from experience that this event leaves an indelible wound in the heart of every woman. Whether she is aware of it or not this pain, especially if it is not brought to consciousness, can tear something very deeply and affect the rest of your life. For both a man and a woman.

As mentioned, I was very young and with that slightly reckless attitude typical of that age, I quickly forgot about it. After the annoyance, I went back to my carefree life made up of friends and parties and travel etc…

My Realization

That evening, in that circle of Family Constellations, something happened.

I found myself doing deep work on that great pain that was tearing me apart from the inside without even realizing it.

An unresolved mourning!

During the Constellation I finally had to stop and face that pain. It was no longer possible to distract myself and ignore it.

Many years have passed but what I vividly remember is that, at a certain point, I had the clear sensation that, if I hadn’t elaborated it, that buried pain would have made me ill. It would have killed me.

Since that day, I have been participating in Family Constellations. I have “studied” many themes in my life, and every time I have encountered an obstacle, a difficulty, a problem, I have turned to a therapist for this type of work.

What are Family Constellations

Family Constellations offer you an incredible opportunity to explore the unconscious planes of your being in a gentle, safe, and absolutely transformative way.

It’s a powerful tool to dissolve the dynamics we may have inherited from our family of origin. This contributes to the blocking of our potential in all areas of our lives.

The family history generates in a three-dimensional story in the Family Constellations. This work goes beyond the mental and rational sphere and reveals our souls and heart.

It can be enormously liberating to realize how we repeat mechanisms that are unfavorable to us, which we are unable to modify due to a sort of unconscious fidelity to our family members.

It is possible to constellate any area of ​​our life where there are difficulties, health, love, personal fulfillment, and the discovery of one’s talents, money, and spirituality. And last but not least, the very powerful sexual sphere is so complex and mysterious.

Everything concerning the genital sphere, sexuality, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause, sexual traumas, as well as the great theme of relationships and the relationship between male and female, is influenced by a thin thread that binds you to the “system” of the family of origin.

In this work, the unsolved knots we were unaware of are dissolved. Freeing the flow of energy and love is necessary to find harmony in all aspects of our lives, including sexuality.

Through words, sensations, and movements, the representatives will give voice to the unexpressed dynamics of the family. Helping to bring to light limiting beliefs that we bring back into our current life.

Attending a Family Constellation is an experience of significant spiritual uplift! Whether you are staging your theme or working as a representative, and it is always beneficial for all participants.

How Family Constellations work

A working group is created, and a powerful energy space opens up.

Whoever receives the Constellation will bring forward a theme on which they want to work. Then, with the group’s help, their story and that of their system will be staged. This is usually the family of origin, but it could be the case in a working environment, group of friends, etc.

Observing the representation makes it possible to restore order in the family system. Bringing about profound healing at the personal and family subconscious level.

All participants will benefit from the session, as there may be resonances with their personal history. In this sense, the work of the constellations is “multi-dimensional,” and this is truly an amazing thing.

Family Constellations with Amita

I’ve always been interested in psychological work and find the Constellations a unique tool.

I don’t know what I would have done without this great help. I certainly wouldn’t be the woman I am now!

If I think about some of my personal, painful issues that I worked on with family constellations a while back and then look at how things are today…well…the transformation is impressive.

I am very grateful to life for having had the opportunity to take this incredible journey of inner healing. That’s why now, after almost 20 years of working on myself, I feel the strong call to serve others. Beautifully making myself useful using this same method, which is now mine to its essence.

For me, the joy of seeing a person free himself from the ballast that prevents to fly free and expressing the true human potential in this life is enormous.

When harmony is restored to the system, love can flow again—feeling that universal flow of love is the thing that gives me the most joy ever.

Tantric Family Constellations

As a Tantra teacher, I meet many people who come to our course because they have a difficult relationship with sexuality.

One in 3 women has experienced sexual violence ☹.

There was a need to integrate this into our programs. To incorporate a vital, working tool that also embraced the psychological spheres of our students.

There is a thin thread that unites us to our parents and ancestors. It’s from them we learn to be a man or a woman in this world. It’s also how we experience the body and sexual pleasure.

Family Constellations have truly become the completion of our Tantra Teacher Training Course. They’ve helped the student to purify their sexuality from limiting beliefs, taboos, trauma, and impurities of any kind. Now, this very powerful energy can really be useful to serve love. 

Our next Tantra Teachers Training Course will begin very soon here in Mazunte-Mexico, starting from January 9th 2023.

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Family Constellations Online

Every month AumTantraYoga organizes an online family constellation session with Amita!

The work in the online form takes place identically to the live sessions, the energy field that transcends space-time limitations is opened, and it is possible to work on the various stories just as it happens live.

It’s not necessary to reveal details and particulars about your history in front of the group, so a certain level of privacy is guaranteed (especially if you want to work in the sphere of sexuality). Before the session with the group, it is possible to have a personal chat with Amita so that she can best support you.

The first online session will be on February 7th at 7pm CET, and reservations to participate are already open. The event is limited in number, so make sure to book.

Write to: info@aumtantrayoga.it.

Let go of the weight – and fly free!


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