5 Tips for Males Erectile and Ejaculations Problems

5 Tantric Tips for Males Problems

God only knows how important sexual self-esteem is for a man!

Almost always a man feels like a man to the extent that he feels strong and confident in bed.
The perfect erection becomes a confirmation of masculinity. These beliefs are embedded so deep in our culture that even the most aware men experience great discomfort when faced with any kind of problem concerning their penis.

Of course, approaching pleasure and intimacy with all this pressure of the perfect erection must really be a difficult thing for our poor male friends!

During love making, when there should be deep relaxation, acceptance of the present moment and emotional connection, if a man does not live it well, anxiety, internal tension, frustration and a sense of inadequacy appear.
This makes things worse in terms of performance and becomes a vicious circle.

And if you have the misfortune of being in bed with a partner lacking the necessary sensitivity, then everything can turn into an inner tragedy that can have repercussions for a long time.

Of course there may be physical problems and, if this repeats, it is useful to see a doctor.

In any case, for everything related to sexuality, psychological influence always plays a fundamental role and can never be excluded.
Tantra can be a great resource in these cases and now we are going to see why!


  • A decrease in sexual potency, which can manifest itself with a decrease in desire or a less powerful erection, can be due to a drastic lowering of vital energy, a condition that is moreover normal with age. Lifestyle is very important, eating healthy, sleeping regularly, being in contact with nature, not working too much and taking time off. Body weight control is also essential. Overweight men with a prominent abdomen or belly are disadvantaged in terms of sexual potency. So daily exercise and walks in nature to keep weight and stress under control are certainly some of the first suggestions in these cases.
  • It is possible to help yourself with a male tonic. Highly recommended is a spoonful of bee pollen every day, or natural remedies such as maca or ashwagandha, known for their aphrodisiac action and ability to counteract male impotence (you can find them in herbal medicine).
  • The daily practice of yoga positions are an incredible way to help keep the vital energy high, especially those that energize muladhara chakra. In fact, in our courses we offer a great variety of ha-tha yoga techniques to load the root chakra, especially for men (women usually have a more developed muladhara chakra).


Most men experience intercourse as a performance, exactly as it is suggested in the culture of porn.

This psychological pressure of perfect performance keeps you in a state of internal tension, your brain produces adrenaline and cortisol and as stress increases, your muscles stiffen, you are contracted and your breath is short. You are too fast. You are not connected with the sensations of your body and with the person you are making love to.

This will inevitably lead you to the need to explode quickly, if only to free yourself from that state of internal tension. Or it could negatively affect your erection. It certainly doesn’t open you up to all the magic of unforgettable sexual intercourse.

Next time, change your approach: breathe, relax, loosen the muscles of the whole body by moving in a more gentle and sinuous way, it becomes fluid like water. Don’t worry too much about your penis. Connect to your and her breath and enjoy the sensations in your whole body.

Dance with her, relax, you will see that the energy will rise more slowly but very powerfully.  Don’t rush, take it slow. If there are moments when passion wanes, enjoy the break, breathe in it, keep in touch and don’t contract.

Deep relaxation is the key to deep and fulfilling sexuality.


Male pleasure tends to be concentrated on the genital area. It all happens in that small part of your body, the penis.

Female pleasure, on the other hand, when the deep erogenous points are activated, is expanded, “oceanic”.

In Tantra men learn to expand sensations and pleasure to the whole body, increasing the energy space of your pleasure you will see that the urge to explode ceases. At the same time you are opening yourself up to unimaginable levels of pleasure and energy. Not only in the physical body, an expansion takes place at the level of the subtle bodies, the aura expands and this can lead to states of expansion of consciousness.

You are opening yourself up to ecstasy.

The next time you make love, as a couple or alone, expand the pleasure from the genital area towards the abdomen and chest, let it rise up to the head. Expand it through your entire body and enjoy the ride, don’t chase the orgasm. This will open you up to completely different orgasmic experiences than you currently know that are much more powerful and pleasurable.


Dear male friend, do you really believe that women are more interested in the size of your penis than the size of your heart?

Women have the ability to feel you deeply, you can penetrate them with your gaze, energy and consciousness. With love.

You can also relax because it’s not the power of your erection that will make them fall in love with you!
That’s not how you will get their respect and devotion.

Women need to feel your heart first of all. The ability to be present to yourself and in the here and now provides an inner strength in which they feel contained and safe to surrender.

It is in the presence of these qualities that she opens into her deepest feminine self; a state of being that is more profound and powerful than she knows and she will give all of herself to you.

So instead of worrying so much about your performance that you tense up and get that subtle anxiety that then makes you do things in a rush and without feeling, why not decide to put all your energy into connecting deeply with her in your heart?  Let all that sensation that you feel between your legs flow up to your chest, let yourself be activated at the level of the heart. You will see that the energy will flow so well that even the strength of your erection will benefit.       


If the difficulty and the decrease in sexual energy is experienced within a couple who have been together for a long time, it is necessary to stop for a moment and understand if it is a personal issue of the man or of the couple.

Tantra teaches that the spark that triggers the powerful sexual energy between two people is activated by the polarity between masculine and feminine. Just as in electricity where there is a “positive” and a “negative” pole and the difference between the two gives rise to electricity, so it happens between female and male energy (even in gay couples).

The long-term drop in libido in the couple is often caused by the fact that the two partners, having been together for a long time and lose their polarity. He is less yang and she is less yin, the polarization falls and no more sparks are created!

The remedy to this situation is to each take a personal space in which to recharge the masculine and feminine individually, to then meet again as a couple with renewed vitality.

Men enhance masculine energy by spending time alone, or even quality time with other men. Deep contact with nature also helps a lot, without all the conveniences and comforts of modern life. A return to the “wild” man in a certain sense, deeply connected to the body and the earth, and therefore incredibly strong and vital. Life in nature helps to calm the mental rhythms. Your head always racing from one thought to another burns up a lot of your energy. Slowing down and returning to nature’s rhythms will help you return from head to body and increase your vitality levels.


One of the best tools to bring a man into the state of deep relaxation and expansion of pleasure to the whole body is the massage of the penis.

We are not talking about intense stimulation that should lead to orgasm, but a real massage with great therapeutic effects.

Massaging the tissues of the genital area with the oil dramatically increases blood flow, promoting erection and keeping the tissues vital.

The whole area will be massaged, including the scrotum, perineum, glans, penis shaft, inner thighs and groin. With long and enveloping movements, the energy will be made to flow towards the abdomen and chest so as to activate the expansion of pleasure to the whole body and the connection between the heart and the penis.

During the massage, the man can be accompanied to deep listening to the emotions released from the deep layers of the body. The psychological pressure of performance and perfect erection, the discomfort with respect to the size of one’s penis, all the times when you didn’t feel good in a relationship, can leave traces of anxiety stowed in the memory of the tissues and with the massage these emotions they might come out.

If this happens breathe and let it flow, you are freeing yourself from a lot of things that are not good for you to make room for expansion, strength and love.


There is a thin thread that unites every man with his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, let’s say with the male lineage. From them you learned and be a man whether you like it or not. Everything related to sexuality, pleasure, the genital area, masculinity in general is intimately connected to your ancestors.

In a path of awareness of your energy as a man, it is important to explore the trans-generational aspect, the beautiful things you have taken from them and the less beautiful ones that you carry around as ballast.

Tantric Family Constellations are the best tool for this type of work and for this reason we use them in the Tantra courses we offer. In years of working with Family Constellations I have seen how much the difficulties in the sphere of male sexuality often have roots in something that happened before us, and through this method it is possible to free the energy that can finally start flowing again.

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