The Path of the Conscious Masculinity

Journey of Evolution for Modern Men

What does it mean to take the path of conscious masculinity? The modern times we live in certainly do not help men and masculinity.

Many women complain of not finding a man that is “masculine” and “strong” enough; that’s a fact!

But what do we mean by masculine strength? We are certainly not talking about strong muscles.

Without the technology and comforts of modernity, the men of the past centuries led a much simpler and more complex life than today. Furthermore, for decades men have ignited in political movements, wars, etc. These have created extreme survival conditions, which it was necessary to make up for with incredible inner strength.

Men were required to have a certain physical and emotional stamina.

We can say, and any psychologist could confirm, that modernity has brought about a real crisis of masculinity. The comfortable life of the cities certainly does not help, as does consumerism and pollution.

Modern life offers few moments to feel male. The rites of passage from boy to man, present in almost all pre-modern societies, are entirely missing.

Conscious Masculinity

In tribes, boys were initiated into adulthood with a ritual that required a test of strength—being alone in the forest all night or hunting a particular animal. At some latitudes, the ceremony was performed by drinking a psychotropic substance so that the boy plunged deeply into himself to face his inner monsters and defeat them.

Only then was he ready to find a woman and start a family.

Modern men almost always lack masculine models to inspire them; they often struggle to take that inner step from boy to man and remain internally immature, unable to look within, to navigate the complex world of human emotions. Armor is often built to compensate for this, preventing deep and fulfilling human relationships.

All that remains is work or rampant consumerism in the thousands of commitments of a hectic life.

(Bringing enormous frustration to the female gender, modern relationships do not last. However, it is certainly not just the fault of men).

So how do we enter the path of conscious masculinity? Let’s see what the aspects that a man should pay attention to cultivate his masculine energy are:


We are talking about a direction in life, to achieve the goals set according to one’s intentions without giving up at the first difficulty. For men, the achievement of goals is an important aspect; it is inherent in the masculine nature to measure himself by what he gets and from the results (a woman who wants to support him, therefore, will not ask him to give up but will push him to the end).

In this way, willpower and determination are trained. We are not talking about rigidity; keeping a broad view of how things are going and some flexibility if there is a need to change is always helpful.

Men with direction allow them not to get lost in life’s difficulties. It is the compass of your existence to navigate safely and centered in existential storms.

Find your direction to know what you have to give to the world, your gift, your mission in this life, and your dharma. This is a significant part of the path of conscious masculinity.


Whenever we are present to ourselves and not lost in thoughts or emotions, we cultivate masculine energy. Presence means living in the here and now, that space in which contemplation of pure existence is possible without continuous mental dialogue.

Being present to ourselves and others is a fundamental requirement for empathy and the ability to listen. Having a man next to you is the greatest desire for most women. His energy helps her support her feminine nature without being overwhelmed by the emotional vortex.

The practice adopted in Tantra for centuries to cultivate presence is, without a doubt, meditation.


This is the journey of a lifetime, an essential tool for both men and women. The awareness of who we are, our limits, and our strengths. This path leads us to be more and more aware of our energy but also of that of the world around us.

Awareness avoids falling into old patterns and projections to embody the masculine in this life, in relationships with loved ones, and especially in the couple. Being a conscious man means just this, being aware of one’s limits, avoiding hiding or bypassing an internal discomfort with ephemeral, temporary satisfaction.

Control of the Energy

It is not about asking men to be cold, controlled, or emotionless – quite the opposite.

Having reasonable control over your emotions allows you to navigate the complex human emotional sphere without escape routes or diversions. This is the key to deep self-knowledge and, therefore, mature masculinity.

In a path toward a conscious and evolved masculine, it’s necessary to learn to control potent sexual energy perfectly to avoid being controlled by it.

This sphere of your being can genuinely be the fuel for a life to your fullest potential, or it can drain you of life’s energy and leave you on the ground like a flat tire.

Many men stick to the model of pornography.

You can stay on the surface or use it to open yourself to a deep love for another human being.

It can be something quick to release tension or a real portal to open yourself to ecstasy.

Tantra is indeed the way if you want to open yourself to a new paradigm regarding sexuality.

You will know such a different way of making love that the one before will seem pathetic to you. Believe me!

It’s time for men to get involved in a growth path.

Just put your head in the sand. Today’s men need to take matters into their own hands and bring awareness to what modern man has acquired and lost compared to past centuries. Never before has life changed so quickly. What have we gained, and what have we lost as men?

The path towards a conscious masculine must pass through these questions and concepts, a fundamental requirement to find harmony in couple relationships and with the feminine.

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Let’s dive into what it means to be on the path of conscious masculinity.


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