When She’s “Too Much”

Confronting the Taboo of Female Sexual Power Often, women express feeling like they are “too much” in bed. They may have more desire than their partner, a strong urge for lovemaking, or they can be overwhelmed by intense passion. And so, they hold back, simultaneously limiting their own energy. Female sexual energy is much more […]

5 Tips for Males Erectile and Ejaculations Problems

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God only knows how important sexual self-esteem is for a man!

Almost always a man feels like a man to the extent that he feels strong and confident in bed.
The perfect erection becomes a confirmation of masculinity. These beliefs are embedded so deep in our culture that even the most aware men experience great discomfort when faced with any kind of problem concerning their penis.

Of course, approaching pleasure and intimacy with all this pressure of the perfect erection must really be a difficult thing for our poor male friends!

Tantra: A Great Help Against Sexual Trauma

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Tantra is a great help against sexual trauma by going on a healing journey with a holistic approach and embracing all spheres of being a woman. Body, mind, energy, and spirit.

A third of the women who come to our tantra workshops have been sexually abused!

A bitter truth!

Many women come to our courses in search of tools to heal the traumatic memories that abuse has left behind. I have heard weighty stories in so many years of working with women. I have seen terrified eyes. An abused woman is annihilated in her dignity as a woman and with all of us. When one is violated, we all get hurt. It is a collective wound.

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