Conscious masculinity

Sexuality and Pornography

Sexuality and Pornography

The Effects of Porn on Male Pleasure can have a negative impact in your life. In the “porn style” model of sexual intercourse, it is all a question of performance, not of energetic and emotional connection with the person you are making love with. Being “in performance mode” inevitably leads to internal tension, which disconnects you from feeling yourself deeply and whom you have in your arms….

The Path of the Conscious Masculinity

The Path of the Conscious Masculinity

What does it mean to take the path of conscious masculinity? The modern times we live in certainly do not help men and masculinity. Modern men almost always lack masculine models to inspire them; they often struggle to take that inner step from boy to man and remain internally immature, unable to look within, to navigate the complex world of human emotions. Armor is often built to compensate for this, preventing deep and fulfilling human relationships. All that remains is work or rampant consumerism in the thousands of commitments of a hectic life.

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