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Red Tantra: Sexuality and Attachment

Red Tantra is a personal and spiritual growth path that includes sexual energy. It is a primordial force with incredible potential; it is so powerful that it can lead to spiritual realization quickly if channeled upwards. On the other hand, sexuality does carry a strong force within human beings, which can cause them to fall into attachment quickly and become slaves of desire. ...

Classical vs. Neo-Tantra

Classical vs. Neo-Tantra: These days, you can’t go three meters in a spiritual community without bumping into something labeled as tantra. Yet, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what tantra actually is. Most of the workshops and courses I’ve seen do not seem to have much in common with classical tantra, as it was practiced for centuries....

Monogamy or Polygamy in Tantra

Tantra is a path that embraces life in all its forms. Even couple relationships become a practice of growth and evolution. When you are using sexual energy intensely, especially if you practice red tantra, it is not difficult to understand why the topic of polyamory (intimate relationship with several people at the same time) comes up so often....

Samadhi: The Coronation of the Path of Yoga

Most likely you’ve heard this word before if you’ve spent any time practicing yoga or in a spiritual environment. But what exactly does it mean? Is it just a spaced-out trance or an altered state like you might have on some kind of drug trip? An exotic mystical vision achieved by great yogis in the Himalayas? Not exactly: let’s look deeper and closer to home!...

Christmas and Yoga

In the time of outer darkness, nearly every culture in the world has chosen to celebrate light. Last week the Jewish people of the world lit the last Hanukah candles. Scandinavian girls adorned themselves with crowns of candles. Iranian families gathered to spend the solstice night eating, burning fires and reading poetry. Now we celebrate the birth of Christ, the light of Oneness Consciousness blossoming within a world of darkness....
Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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