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Top 7 Benefits of the Internal Orgasm

If the man had a remote control for pleasure it would have only two buttons, switching on and off, while the remote control for a woman would be equipped with several buttons that vary depending on the emotional state, the moment, the situation etc…  The experience of orgasm in women can be profound and satisfying […]


Gymnastics for the Pleasure

This area also referred to as the pelvic floor and for many women it's a part of the body that is still a mystery, and given its relationship with sexuality but also urination and defecation, it is often loaded with the sense of modesty and cultural taboos. The pelvic floor is the muscular area between the anus and the vagina (or the anus and the testicles in the case of men), and consists of a series of muscles intertwined with each other thanks to a reticulated structure, so as to be extremely resistant but flexible at the same time....

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Low Libido and Loss of Sex Drive

Low Libido and loss of sex drive can often lead to a decline in sexual activity. This can often result in tension in the relationship and create doubt, shame and guilt in both partners. However, knowing the underlying factors that might lead to low libido can help to boost sex drive and low libido again. […]


What Women Need to Know about Pain During Sex

The female libido is not as obvious as the male libido, it is subject to multiple hormonal, psychological and emotional factors. Sometimes it is revealed while other times it is hidden, and if it is not nourished it can end up lost in oblivion. Addressing the issue of decreased libido, it is imperative to mention that 40% of women experience pain during penetration and for this reason associate the relationship with something unpleasant and move away from sex......
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