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Spirituality and AI

Can Spirituality coexist with Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our lives, from smartphones to self-driving cars.  As we rely more on technology, we have become increasingly disconnected from spirituality.  However, there is a growing interest in the integration of spirituality and artificial intelligence, and many believe that it can lead […]


Toxic Masculinity vs Conscious Masculinity

THE MODERN MALE Modern men are in crisis. This is something confirmed by most psychologists. Modernity is not beneficial for men, perhaps it is not good for anyone, but our male friends are the ones who are paying the highest price. Why is this so? THE ARCHETYPE OF THE WILD MAN Firstly, because they have lost […]


5 Tips for Males Erectile and Ejaculations Problems

God only knows how important sexual self-esteem is for a man! Almost always a man feels like a man to the extent that he feels strong and confident in bed. The perfect erection becomes a confirmation of masculinity. These beliefs are embedded so deep in our culture that even the most aware men experience great discomfort when faced with any kind of problem concerning their penis. Of course, approaching pleasure and intimacy with all this pressure of the perfect erection must really be a difficult thing for our poor male friends!...

Seek Not only One Way: there are Many Ways to arrive at the Truth

“Seek not only one way” – from “The Light on the Path” by Yogi Ramacharaka – This aphorism jumped out at me today forcefully… When one embarks on a path of growth and evolution, when the practice begins to acquire a certain intensity and peak experiences start to manifest, it is easy to begin to […]


Spiritual Bypass: Understanding the Dangers of Avoiding Emotional Pain

Spiritual bypass is a term used to describe the use of spiritual practices or beliefs to avoid dealing with emotional pain or trauma. While spirituality can be a powerful tool for personal growth and healing, it can also be used as a way to avoid facing difficult emotions and experiences. This can lead to deeper issues and a lack of true personal growth even if there is a clear feeling of being “spiritual” and good. The concept of spiritual bypass was first introduced by John Welwood, a psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher. He observed that many people use spiritual practices, such as meditation and self-help, as a way to avoid dealing with their emotional pain. Many believe that by focusing on their spiritual growth, they can bypass or...
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