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Tantra and Premenstrual Syndrome

Finding Harmony in Body and Mind The days before and during menstruation can be really tough, if only men could understand! We feel everything, absorb everything, like sponges. Yet, amidst this extreme sensitivity, there is an incredible force that courses through us like an electric current. During those days, I am at the peak of […]


When She’s “Too Much”

Confronting the Taboo of Female Sexual Power Often, women express feeling like they are “too much” in bed. They may have more desire than their partner, a strong urge for lovemaking, or they can be overwhelmed by intense passion. And so, they hold back, simultaneously limiting their own energy. Female sexual energy is much more […]


Real Tantra or another trap of patriarchy?

The path of energy I have always been attracted to Tantra since I was very young. I have attended Tantra schools in Italy and around the world for almost 30 years. I love the philosophy behind the teachings of Tantra, the meditation, the cosmic vision of existence in which everything is interconnected and everything is […]


Spirituality and AI

Can Spirituality coexist with Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our lives, from smartphones to self-driving cars.  As we rely more on technology, we have become increasingly disconnected from spirituality.  However, there is a growing interest in the integration of spirituality and artificial intelligence, and many believe that it can lead […]


Toxic Masculinity vs Conscious Masculinity

THE MODERN MALE Modern men are in crisis. This is something confirmed by most psychologists. Modernity is not beneficial for men, perhaps it is not good for anyone, but our male friends are the ones who are paying the highest price. Why is this so? THE ARCHETYPE OF THE WILD MAN Firstly, because they have lost […]

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