Gymnastics for the Pleasure

The Perineum Area

This area also referred to as the pelvic floor and for many women it’s a part of the body that is still a mystery, and given its relationship with sexuality but also urination and defecation, it is often loaded with the sense of modesty and cultural taboos.

The pelvic floor is the muscular area between the anus and the vagina (or the anus and the testicles in the case of men), and consists of a series of muscles intertwined with each other thanks to a reticulated structure, so as to be extremely resistant but flexible at the same time.

In the woman there are three orifices made up of the anus, the vagina and the urethra and when faced with excessive exertion, the female perineal area is much more vulnerable than that of a man. The function of the pelvic floor, in addition to contributing to sexual pleasure, is to support the abdominal organs and to control the orifices, keeping this part of the body toned but extremely elastic and relaxed contributes to the health of women at all levels.

Pelvic Floor Problems

When the pelvic muscles weakens and loses the right tone, the woman can manifest annoying symptoms such as:

  • urinary incontinence (as a result of sneezing, coughing, laughing)
  • prominent abdomen (despite the diet the belly does not decrease)
  • sexual insensitivity and lack of orgasm
  • a sense of heaviness in the lower abdomen
  • symptoms of prolapse of the uterus and bladder
  • strenuous delivery and post-partum recovery slow and difficult

Unfortunately, these are very common conditions in women of all ages and it would be sufficient to rehabilitate the perineal muscles through specific exercises to recover the right trophism of the muscle fibers and the consequent disappearance of the mentioned annoying symptoms.

Gymnastics for the Pleasure

The basic exercise we are going to learn to counteract the pelvic impairment is the contraction followed by the relaxation of the pubo-coccygeal muscle and neighboring muscles. In order to easily identify the muscles to contract, try to stop the flow of urine during urination. That’s the muscle to train!

You can repeat the contractions over and over again, always alternating with moments of total relaxation of the muscles. The relaxation phase is as important as the contraction phase in order not to fall into states of fatigue of the delicate intimate muscles. You can perform them lying down, sitting or while doing other activities of the day, such as sitting in the office, it will be your little secret and no one will notice it.

The tissues of the vaginal wall and the neck of the uterus will benefit enormously from this exercise because the contraction helps the blood change, the blood loaded with toxins and carbon dioxide is eliminated in large quantities, while new fresh and oxygenated blood will spray the tissues, a breath of fresh air for cellular health.

The Orgasm

Last but not least is the effect of the toning gymnastics of the pelvic floor on the sexuality of women. The orgasm, which is the culmination of sexual pleasure, is physically due to a very rapid series of contractions and relaxation of the muscles, many women are unable to experience intense pleasure that leads them to this orgasmic state only because the musculature is not able to contract properly.

This problem of “momentary frigidity” (I want to underline the word “momentary” because every woman is able to expand the ability to feel pleasure until orgasm), can be resolved quickly with exercises focused on the vaginal muscles. The daily practice of gymnastics for the pleasure like contractions will make your vagina toned, elastic and vital even for women who have given birth or for those no longer very young, the intense pleasure to your partner improves sexuality and therefore intimacy and understanding.

Try it, you’ll see you will not regret it!

Amita Hega Albini


Buddha Samantabhadra thangka

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