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There is a lot of confusion out there about Tantra, and our main goal is to clear up any ambiguities. Tantra is, first and foremost, a philosophical approach to cultivating higher consciousness and not just “exotic sex”


Getting to know Tantra by immersion into the source teachings will help you put down roots in the practice.


Removing confusion around Tantra will leave you with clarity and direction to continue down the path

Precious treasures

A precious tradition, teachings that are conducive to human evolution

A unique Tantric Ebook

Deep Tantric Teachings

ln our studies of the sacred texts of Tantra, we will gain insight into various schools of thought and practice.

Tantra Yoga Teacher Training - Mexico Italy

You will find the ancient wisdom presented in a modern way for our modern minds.

Tantra Yoga Teachers

Unlike the rigorous approach to studying the Classical Tantric texts, the material is accessible to everyone.

The Way of Supreme Bliss

Tantric Path to Bliss

In tantric philosophy, any separation between what is human or earthly and what is divine ceases to exist; everything is One. 

To experience this Oneness is the only true goal of this discipline.

Sex and Enlightenment

Any energy available to us can be used to experience the One, and what energy is more powerful and captivating to humans than our sexual energy? 

Tantra teaches how to use this energy without discharging it in a chaotic sexuality

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“This is one of the best introductions to what Tantra really is; as opposed to all of the superficial neo-tantric teachings, this ebook stands as a valuable source of authentic information”


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Guide to the Authentic Path of Tantra:
The way to Supreme Bliss

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