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The Tantric Path to Bliss

In the 21st century, tantra has become a fashion among practitioners of yoga and holistic disciplines. Although tantra comes from an ancient tradition, traveling around the world at the speed of the internet age, it has mixed with different disciplines: various types of psychological therapies, bodily and psychosomatic exercises, shadow work, and healing practices.

Often the word tantra is associated with genital massages or particular erotic practices. In fact, for most people, “tantra” is just a sophisticated word for “sex.”

There is a lot of confusion on this subject and our main intent is to make things clear.

Tantra is first of all a philosophical approach to existence.

In tantric philosophy any separation between what is human or earthly and what is divine ceases to exist, everything is One. To experience this is the only true goal of this discipline.

According to the tantric vision, when a human being feels identified with the ego, he or she thinks they are separated from everything that surrounds them, but this is only an illusion. Our true nature is universal, infinite, and eternal. The individual is only a drop in the ocean of existence. Recognizing your universal and divine nature is the purpose of any authentic spiritual path.

Can Sex Lead To Enlightenment?

Any energy available to us can be used to experience the One, and what energy is more powerful and involving to humans than our sexual energy?

Sexual energy is one of the most potent forces we have available, so powerful that it can generate life through procreation. Isn’t it incredible? What alchemy, what nuclear power lies in the encounter between masculine and feminine!

We can use this atomic energy in all areas of life, from the intellect to the physical strength, from creativity to the spiritual search—this is tantra, a spiritual way of experiencing our divine reality.

Nothing less than that!

Gurus and spiritual masters of all ages have taught that to reach the spiritual goal it is necessary to control sexual energy, because it is so powerful and engaging that if misused, it can lead the human being to the worst version of himself, but if used in the correct way it can act as a real propeller for the realization in all the aspects of life.

Are you sure that to be spiritual and to seek out the deep mysteries of existence it is necessary to retreat in a cave-like a monk and give up life?

The tantric path demonstrates you don’t need to isolate yourself completely into a life of renunciation to connect to your center and to discover your true essence. In tantra, your own body is your temple, and pleasure—like many other forms of energy at your disposal—can become a way to dissolve the ego and can lead to states of expanded consciousness that are truly beneficial to your spiritual evolution.

Our new e-book

It was born from our deep desire to respond to all those who really want to know what Tantra is, in its most authentic form, not contaminated from modern times and superficiality.

A way of personal and spiritual growth that involves all levels of human life, a practical way, therefore, which is based on a millenary philosophy.

Ancient but also perfect for the modern man.

  • Know the basic principles of Tantra, in a simple but profound way
  • Difference between Neo-Tantra and Classical Tantra
  • Tantric sexuality
  • The tantric vision of the masculine and the feminine
  • Sexuality in the various chakras
  • …and much more


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