Advanced Tantra Teachings

As a continuation of the Tantra TTC, these are very exclusive modules of Advanced Tantra Teachings only for those who graduated in the 200hr Tantra Teacher Training Course, where you can deepen your experience with various advanced tantric practices, tantric hatha yoga, and tantric philosophy and esoteric secret practices. In addition to being a truly profound personal journey, these advanced courses will complement your studies as a Tantra Yoga Teacher, all of the courses will be registered as Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers (YACEP)

The Advanced Tantra Teachings are made of different online programs starting fall 2023

THE ADVANCED CHAKRA PROGRAM (8/9 Modules): Sublevels, spokes studies with mantras and pranayamas, use of music meditation,
the subtle streams of colors and much more

KASHMIR SHAIVISM STUDIES AND PRACTICES: study groups of ancient texts, in-depth of the 5 schools of KS, practices, meditations,
rituals and much more

THE 10 MAHAVIDYA PROGRAM (11 modules): studies, practices, and initiations on the Great Cosmic Powers, this is the top tantric teaching that will
goes hand in hand with the KS studies

SVARA YOGA INITIATION (2/3 modules): the accomplishment through the mastering of the law of space and time from the ancient tantric teaching of
the Shiva Svarodaya

TANTRIC HATHA YOGA: we will offer weekly tantric hatha yoga that will go into different subscription packages with monthly mentorships with both of us, men/women groups, and more

KUNDALINI TANTRA YOGA: for all those who follow regular classes with AumTantraYoga, you will receive initiations into advanced
kundalini mudras and techniques from Marco.

ASTROLOGY AND TANTRIK YOGA: a multiple-year-long journey into quantum astrology that goes together with the tantric teaching of
chakras and elements and the tantric metaphysics with the possibility of becoming a certified astrology facilitator

More info about these programs and the possibility to reserve your spot are coming soon

In presence retreat

TANTRA KASHMIR SHAIVISM IN-PERSON RETREAT (8 days): this exclusive retreat will happen in 2024 first in Mexico (March) and possibly also in
Europe to get back altogether to practice the amazing life-changing tantra teaching of Kashmir Shaivism. Inspiring lectures, tantra yoga,
and tantric meditations to explore the 3 upayas and the most secret KS techniques…


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