Aum Tantra Yoga

Heal Love Awaken

Aum Tantra Yoga

Heal Love Awaken

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Embrace the Word, Reveal the Self

Tantra is a path on which we approach human nature in all its manifestations. This path leads us through the earthly planes to the revelation of the True Self.

Dive deeper in these ancient Tantric teachings with Aum Tantra Yoga.


Through the teachings of Tantra, we assist you in surmounting personal limitations, securing stability, and unveiling your True Nature.


We’re committed to leading you towards a life and relationships enhanced by consistent, profound practices that embrace healing.

BenefiT of all

Our goal is to cultivate a world of inwardly-focused, enlightened beings, where sexual energy is harnessed and transformed for the collective good.

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What we are

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We enrich the lives of people in search of deep inner balance and spiritual growth through the teachings of Tantra, so that they may master themselves to embrace their existence fully, and eventually reach the revelation of the Higher Self.

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Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

Holistic growth

At Aum Tantra Yoga, psychological healing and spiritual transcendence, co-exist as a way to evolve.

Ancient Teachings of Tantric Yoga

Ancient Teachings

We transmit ancient Tantric and Yogic teachings, unlocking your highest potential for self-recognition.

Tantra Yoga Teachers

Lifetime Dedication

With 20+ years as teachers, we share profound wisdom and guide others to utilize relationships for evolution.

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What We Are Not

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Fake Shamans

Our teachings stem from two decades of practicing profound ancient wisdom. We are not fake gurus, or improvised shamans. We aim to uplift humanity, not to be put on a pedestal.

Neo-TantrIC Teachers

Our mission is to explore the spiritual depths of Tantra and to transmit the the essence of this ancient tradition in modern terms suitable for the Western mind.

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1. Choose one of our Program

We offer prerecorded video courses, Tantra Teacher Trainings, workshops on the fundamentals of Tantra, one-on-one coaching, and more…

2. Join us Online,
In Europe, or Mexico

Our programs are offered online, in Europe and Mexico. Join us in Mazunte, Mexico, or in Italy for our longer form courses and workshops.

3. Begin your

Our goal is to provide support throughout your journey of healing and revelation. We’re here to support you at each step of your transformation.

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Free tantric Masterclasses

Our masterclasses are designed to be a comprehensive introduction to Tantra. Through absorbing these tantric teachings, you will obtain practical tools to apply to enrich your life.  

Men and women follow complementary paths to embark on this journey toward a truly empowered and conscious, balanced masculine and feminine.

Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

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Tantra Yoga Teacher Training
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