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Nov 16 / Dec 12th 2020

200hr Traditional Yoga Teacher Training Course – Mazunte-Mexico

December 19/20th 2020

Tantra 1 workshop “The art of Sacred Intimacy” Mazunte – Mexico

January 9/10th 2021

Tantra 2 workshop “The Tantric Relationship” Mazunte – Mexico

Jan 19 / Feb 20th 2021

200hr Tantra Teacher Training Course – Mazunte-Mexico

Feb 22nd / Mar 6th 2021

100hr Advance Tantra Teacher Training Course – Mazunte-Mexico

Mar 13/14th 2021

Yoga Nidra, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projections – Mazunte-Mexico


We offer different workshops on various topic, from tantric sexuality to lucid dreaming…discover the magic world of Tantric Yoga


Tantra is an ancient Eastern spiritual path that uses sexual energy as a means of self-awareness…but Tantra is not just about sex as it’s believed in the west

Orgasmic Life

This video course is dedicated to all the women who want to start a journey towards a deeper and more fulfilling sexuality.

Kashmir Shaivism Meditation Retreat

Kashmiri Shaivism is an ancient school of philosophy and is considered the most elevated yogis and esoteric path ever existed, having as ultimate goal the total identification with the Universal Consciousness, Shiva

Teacher Training Course 2021

The Light of Tantra

This 5 weeks immersion into the powerful teaching of ancient Tantra will allowed you to deeply discover your true potential in life and helping others in the path of spiritual realization.


Amita and Marco guided me through the spiritual path of Tantra Yoga in a very accessible way that makes it easy to understand and follow, immediately bringing more awareness in my life and inspiring me with their own example, always showing unconditional dedication to their students. Personally I feel blessed that I’ve had the privilege to have met them and received their extraordinary teachings, inspiring me to also spread the essential message they are committed to transmit. I’m more than grateful to them and I completely recommend to take their life-changing workshops and trainings.

Ana Magalí Canosa

Ana Magalí Canosa

Teacher - Argentina

Marco & Amita are such an inspiration to learn from, they really live what they teach. Together they have an incredibly vast array of knowledge & experience to draw from. Learning and training with them has truly enriched my life in so many ways. Not only did they provide me with the tools and confidence to teach, but also to evolve on my own spiritual journey. I feel very supported and like I’ve become part of a family.

Joshua Blandin

Joshua Blandin

Construction manager - USA

Amita and Marco are incredible teachers with a lot of experience, knowledge and most of all love. The way they share their vision for spirituality together with so much dedication and passion as a yogic couple is really inspiring to me. I truly admire them for the work they are doing!

Paula Thierack

Paula Thierack

Traveler, university's student - Germany

Tired of running in the hamster wheel, I had been looking for a new paradigm for my life. Everything changed when I met Marco and Amita and they introduced me to the world of spiritual Yoga and constantly friendly supported me along my evolutionary path. I highly recommend them for their passion, extensive knowledge and non judgemental attitude.

Michele Di Stefano

Michele Di Stefano

Yogi, Blogger, Digital Nomad

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